Open your business in Poland right now

If you decided to move to Poland, you can think about opening your own business. Poland is one of the European countries that is very friendly to foreigners. Moreover, Poland is economically developed country and it’s the main reason why people are not afraid to become businessmen here.

We don’t mean that it’s very easy to start something new in this country, but if you know the law, can get legal support and have the necessary document - you can get down to business. Oruga Group knows everything about the business directory in Poland.

It should be said, that before opening a new business, you should do some things:

  • get the PESEL;
  • get temporary or permanent residence permit;
  • choose business type which is perfect for you (read more information about Polish industry, check all the details).

Setting up a business in Poland     

You know that there are different types of activities. The best type is which we call self-employment or the company which consists of one person. No matter what type of business you choose, you still have to do the same. The procedure consists of many formalities (collection of documents, completed questionnaires, visits to the different offices). To speed up this process and to make your life a lot easier, we recommend you to use the services of our company. We know better than anyone how to do business for foreigners.

First of all, you need to fulfill the certain form, which will also help you:

  1. to get a NIP (if you don’t have it yet);
  2. to choose the type of taxation;
  3. to receive a registration number in the National office register;
  4. to register in the ZUS (it means that you are ready to make insurance fees for yourself and the people you hire).

Using this form, you will be able to change the main information about your organization in future.

Now you should classify your business activity. In this form, you must choose the type number of your current or future activity. You can choose many numbers if you think that your organization will engage in such activities in the future.

All the businessmen must pay taxes and insurance fees. But chances are that you will need the help of experts to figure out how many taxes to pay. Representatives of the Oruga Group company are ready to give you support in this matter as we helped hundreds of people to open a business in Poland.

How to do business in Poland

Do you know that you can get a special subsidy for setting up a new business? To do it, you need to visit the department of business development. Pay attention that programs with the subsidies change very often. So, don’t waste your time and check the programs every day.

All the documents that confirm the legality of your business must have a stamp and be signed.

And a few words about business taxes in Poland. If your company has an annual income less than €10.000, you will not pay VAT (and it’s 22% of your income). But if your company has the annual income more than €10.000, you must fill in the tax declaration and pay other taxes.

If your business is self-employment and you are the member of EU, you have the opportunity to ask for a reduction in contributions to the ZUS (if your request will be satisfied, you can save a lot of money).

If you want to know how to open company in Poland or you have some questions connected with this topic – contact the specialists from Oruga Group. It’s the easiest way to get professional help. We know everything about finance, investments, company registration, business purchase or business for sale, etc. We always have an individual approach to each client. The best lawyers are working in our company. Use our services if you want to become an independent and successful businessman.


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