Work Permit in Poland

Lawyer  tells all the details connected with the types of work permits in Poland. All the people who are going to work legally must get a work permit. For every foreigner it is necessary to legalize the employment if you are going to live in this country for many years. All the companies which were registered in Poland can give you a certain type of work permit.

There are several types of such permits which are based on the kind of your employment contract.

1) Type B is for those people who came from the other country but work for the Polish people.

2) Type C is for the foreign employees who work for the company form the other country, but they arrive in Poland for some reason.

3) Type D is a temporary type. Imagine the situation, you were delegated to one of the Polish companies for some time to perform some export service. The foreigner is not going to work for the company of this country.

4) Type E is not very popular among the foreigners and you will quickly understand why. Obtaining such a permit means non-compliance by the foreign all the discussed earlier conditions of employment required for other permit types.

Pay attention to what work permit do you have and check if this document if still valid. You (as a foreign worker) and the owner must know two main things:

  • all the work contracts are issued for some period of time (usually for 2 years). It depends on your position and company registration date;
  • a work permit is issued for a certain employer, for a certain position with a certain salary. This paper includes the personal data, main points connected with the company, and position. If you want to change an employer but work at the same position and receive the same salary, you must get a new work permit.


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