Temporary residence permit in Poland

Lawyer describes the nuances of temporary residence permit which is based on business.

Many foreigners are interested in temporal residence permit that will be based on their own business. With such type of permit, you can stay in Poland from one to three years. If everything is okay with your business and nothing changed, you can extend your temporal residence permit. It’s easy to do it and it is not a problem if you fulfill all the requirements.

To get such type of permit you need to have a specific reason to stay in Poland. You should argue why it is so important for you to stay in this country. Remember that it is impossible to change your activities (if you got the residence permit for your studying, you are not able to open your business, by the way, your right to work is also limited).

If you are dreaming about the permanent state in future, first of all, you need to get a temporal residence. You must live in Poland for 5 years. Many foreigners want to conduct the business activity in the certain country. In this way, you must fulfill all the necessary conditions:

  • during the fiscal year you must apply for the temporary residence permit (don’t forget to indicate that your goal is your business activity);
  • if the company was successful for years, the owners can undertake work (for a year) in Poland and don’t ask for a special permit;
  • the certain company must prove that all the conditions are required or they will be required in the near future (new workplaces, investment technologies, etc.). The businessman also should have the certain legal individual income, a good insurance, he/she should fulfill the main requirements which will help to get the residence permit.


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