Shelf company in Poland

Those entrepreneurs who don’t want to waste their time on opening business, on formation and registration a new company, can buy a shelf company. It is a ready company, which has all the necessary documents and after the completion of the transaction, the company will immediately become available to you. You will be able to make transactions of any kind. You just choose the type of activity, look through the list of available shelf companies and the process begins. It is the best way to become a businessman and avoid the boring procedure of business registration.

Oruga Group Company can help you to become an owner of one of the Polish shelf companies. We have a great experience in this area. The procedure for purchasing a ready-made company is not difficult, and we will acquaint you with all the nuances in a person. Now we will only mention the main points of the procedure. So, much depends on who is the buyer. It can be a company, or maybe a private entrepreneur.

The company must provide us with the following details: full name, legal address, different registration details and copies of company registration documents. If the buyer is individual, the set of documents will be a little different:

  • full name;
  • legal address;
  • first names of the parents;
  • the NIP number or PESEL (the foreigners receive this number after receiving a Polish residence permit);
  • passport copies.

Later it will be necessary to sign a set of documents (including a power of attorney, applying for registration in the court register, and so on).

Framework for buying a shelf company in Poland

Now we are going to tell you how it goes. First of all, the buyer and one of the specialists go to the notary public in Poland with the only aim – to sign the share sale contract. Later it is necessary to gather all the shareholders for a meeting, elect a new director and pay a fee for transferring the company to a new owner. Then sign agreements that the shares are sold (in the presence of a notary), and only then you can file a corresponding notice to the court and the bank.

Oruga Group can help you to become the owner of shelf company with limited liability in Poland. If you decided to cooperate with us, we promise that you will become the owner of a company which has all the necessary documents (bank account, REGON number, registration in the court register and tax inspection, etc.). You will be able to choose the company’s name. We do all the best for our customers and the deal will be of the highest quality.


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