Setting up a company in Poland

More and more foreigners choose Poland for doing their business. There are many reasons for it. Poland is a very successful country with a stable economy. Becoming an owner of a Polish company, an entrepreneur gets access to European business values: a stable banking system, crediting, and support of the government. And if the founder becomes an employee of his own company, he/she gets access to many social benefits (for example, free medicine, not only for the owner but also for the family). Children will also be able to visit free kindergartens and schools.

If your business in Poland is developing and the company shows economic success, you can apply for a residence permit, and in the future - to apply for permanent residence and even citizenship. And this gives the foreigner many advantages. Any foreign adult who has a passport can register a company in Poland. The minimum authorized capital is only 5000 zloty. So, there is nothing surprising in the fact that foreigners choose exactly Poland for setting up a company.

What should you know about starting a company in Poland?

1) Co-founders are not responsible for the obligations of the company. The company will be liable for its obligations to the extent of all its property, including the statutory capital.

2) The governance represents and does all the business. It can consist of one or more members. The members of the certain government can be co-founders, and persons outside their circle.

3) Registration and formation of your company and its main data in Poland is carried out in the Polish judicial register KRS. This register is maintained by the Economic Court. At the time of registration sp. z o.o. receives the status of a legal entity.

4) Each Polish taxpayer and entrepreneur must have their own tax identification number. This number is issued only once.

If you don’t want to create something new but are ready to become the owner of the company, you can always buy a ready-made company. We can help you with company search in Poland, which will meet all your requirements. The specialists of Oruga Group Company have a great experience. We are a young but very successful company. We guarantee the high quality of our service. On our website, you can look through the whole list of our services.

Setting up a company in Poland – is a great idea and we are ready to help you. Pay attention that sp. z o.o. can be registered by one founder or group of foreign citizens. Such a company can conduct business in Poland without restrictions. Founders and members of the government can also be family members, friends, relatives, companions.

Many people often ask a question: what company I can set up? What type of activity will be the most profitable in Poland? It is not an easy question. To get an answer you need to analyze the modern market, to find out what is now at the level of development, what is flourishing, and what is not interesting anymore. Some people think that they should come up with something new to be successful. But this principle is not for everyone. Consult with experts, they know exactly what kind of activity you should start and how to set up your company.


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