Poland Residence Permi

Poland Residence Permit (temporary residence card) is a document that legalizes the temporary stay of foreigners in the country; it is a certificate of their identity and a multi-visit "pass" for crossing the border (instead of visa).

The residence permit in Poland can be obtained by a certain category of foreigners; mostly these are people who carry on their labor or business activity on the territory of Poland, or go into education institutions there. The reason to issue a temporary residence card can also be one’s marriage with a citizen of the Republic, or family ties. Occasionally, as an exceptional case, a residence permit in Poland can be provided for scientific researchers, church officials, cultural figures, athletes who are of special value for the country because of their achievements. 

It is important to consider the fact that to obtain a residence permit, foreigners are required to prove their relationship with Poland; additionally they are supposed to be financially independent candidates for temporary residents in the eyes of the state, as in case your family members move to Poland with you, you have to prove your ability to provide for a family, without hinting at social benefits.

Permanent residence card in Poland is available for the foreigners who are:

  1. Poles by origin
  2. children of foreigners with a permanent Polish residence
  3. have been married to native Polish citizens for at least three years, while having stayed in Poland for at least two years
  4. have lived in the country continuously for at least five years (on the actual basis of submission of documents)
  5. are holders of the Pole’s Card 

If you comply with all the above-listed conditions, the status of permanent residency can be renewed each year, or one-time for a long term. Both for people with Polish roots and residents of other countries, a residence permit in Poland shall be issued only in case of an existing valid document, enabling you to legally stay in the country and it is that the period of its validity depends on (for the period of study, training, work, etc.) .

How to obtain a residence permit in Poland

If you do not know how to get yourself a residence permit in Poland, you can seek the support of the immigration center representatives of Oruga Group. After reviewing your data, we can most accurately predict your chances to obtain a residence permit and provide an effective solution of the problem. We will help you to properly prepare the documents and take care of all the organizing moments by ourselves, you only need to provide us with information about yourself and your plans in Poland.

In order to obtain a residence permit in Poland for a citizen of Asian states, as well as any other CIS citizen, you need to prepare:

  1. Colored high-quality pictures;
  2. Valid foreign passport + copies of the pages with personal data;
  3. Birth certificate translated into Polish;
  4. A certificate from the tax authority about the absence of any kinds of debt;
  5. Registration in Poland;
  6. Any other documents that confirm the feasibility of obtaining a residence permit in Poland for you.

With a network of representative offices of Oruga Group, you can find out all the necessary information regarding emigration, including how to issue a residence permit in Poland within the framework of the applicable law in the remote consulting mode, or directly at our office in Warsaw.

Give us a call or write to us today, and get information about business immigration to Poland.
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