Open a Bank Account in Poland

To launch a business in Poland or to work in the country, you must have an account in a local bank. Getting one is simple, however, certain nuances might arise depending on your circumstances.

In general, there is a big choice of banks where you can get a Polish bank account in any convertible currency including zloty. Bank accounts follow the IBAN format which is also used to transfer money to and from other countries. 

Every bank provides common services: ATMs, bank transfers, withdrawal at a counter, credit and debit cards and more. Majority of banks allow accessing accounts via Internet and offer English interface on their websites.

Monthly fees should be paid for maintaining an account and for additional services if any. Also, there are charges for debit orders. All fees vary depending on a chosen bank.

Note that some institutions work with the country’s residents only while others are serving non-residents as well. Usually, there are English-speaking employees in banks including call-centers at your service.

How to open a bank account in Poland

To get an account, be ready to provide the following documents:

  • a valid ID or passport
  • your resident card and proof of residence

Some banks may also request to display your employment contract or other documents proving your legal status in the country. You might be also requested to provide a permanent mailing address which should not be necessarily in Poland.

How to open a corporate bank account in Poland

There are a few requirements to incorporate a firm in the country. One of them is to have a corporate account in a bank. It is important to select the right institution because the quality and costs of financial services are important. 

There are state-owned banks, cooperative banks, and commercial banks. Many European institutions have their branches in Poland. You can check whether your local bank has correspondence relations with any Polish bank. If there is such an alliance, it will be easier for you to get an account.

When opening a Polish bank account, it is advisable to compare banks’ offers and charges for services (for example, money transfers or currency exchange etc.) and choose the one which offers the most suitable services for your particular business. 

To get a corporate bank account in Poland, a firm’s representative should be personally present in a bank. However, it does not mean that a company owner or director should show up there. An attorney-in-fact may represent your company and open an account.

  • In a bank, you will be asked to provide the following documents:
  • Articles of Association
  • list of stakeholders 
  • samples of the director’s signatures
  • excerpt from the Poland Business Register
  • passport or ID

It is not obligatory to own a Polish enterprise to open a corporate account. You may own a foreign company or act on behalf of a foreign company to get an account. Be ready to provide a translated and certified copy of your firm’s documents. 

If you are willing to open an account in a Polish bank, consider getting support from qualified advisors for a quick and most efficient solution for your business. 


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