Register the virtual office in Poland and obtain the legal address for your company for the cheaper price

First of all, what is the virtual office? This is the concept of a convenient place for doing business affairs without a presence at that place. In many cases, just registration of a company in Poland is not enough for an efficient activity of your company in another country. To provide more or less successful business a real registered address needed. The place, to will convince the clients that company is real and solid. 

But office renting is quite expensive. Especially in the city center. So the virtual office registration is a great opportunity to rent an attractive address which doesn’t cost much. It’s the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who have too little money to lease a real office in the capital of Poland. 

No need to be present in the office to provide the business successfully and to sustain the professional image of the firm. In the network development era, it’s possible to set up the company with the use of a smartphone and a laptop only. A business meeting, a conference or a presentation may be provided just in Skype or some other services.

There are a lot of benefits of the virtual rental address registration in Warsaw or another Polish city:

  • Obtaining of registered address in the center of capital or another big city in Poland;
  • Receiving an office space in business center without necessity of renting the real office;
  • Cheaper price of office rent and registration;
  • Ability to place registered office address at any advertising materials;
  • Simpler way to advance your business, including website advancing, either in your country or in EU;
  • Opportunity to receive mails and other correspondence.

Virtual office renting and registration let to work efficiently from any location, at the time the Polish company earns the money for you. We assume all the office affairs, from the moment of the registration to the business closing.

We will deal with all the correspondence the company will receive on its address of registration. We can scan mails for you and send the email notification about received letters. Also, we provide a qualified after-sale support.

Virtual office in Poland registration will allow using Warsaw or Krakow address for correspondence. The office registration is very simple and fast: 

  1. select a location;

  2. fill in the registration form;

  3. provide us the documents for your identification.

We will help you to rent a legal address in Poland.This process period is very brief, so the company will become develop rapidly in a very short time.


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