Step by step: registration company in Poland

There are many cases when residents of the CIS have a good business, but do not have the opportunity to adequately implement it in their home country. This can happen due to several reasons. For example, large taxes, unfavorable economic situation. One way out of this situation is the registration of the company in Poland. Many Ukrainians have resorted to this option because in Poland there is a more transparent economic situation and the business system.

How to open a company in Poland at no great cost? What does a novice businessman need to know in order to open a business in Poland? What are the first steps and measures to be taken? Let's look at these issues.

Who can conduct the register of companies in Poland

A company can be opened in Poland:

  • people who have citizenship in EU countries or permanent residence permit in Poland (long-term Union resident);
  • individuals from the EFTA countries (this includes Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway);
  • holders of KSP (karta stalego pobytu);
  • those who have a map of the pole;
  • spouses of European Union citizens who are lawfully present in the Republic of Poland;
  • holders of a visa which is valid for at least 18 months.

If the citizens of the CIS do not fulfill the above points, then, of course, they can conduct a register of Polish companies, but in limited quantities and only in a certain form.

Grounds for the company registry

  • A foreigner can also carry out the setting up a company in poland, if he will fulfill the following conditions:
  • over 18 years old;
  • the presence of a foreign passport, the validity of which from the date of registration is 18 months or more;
  • experience in business case.

The last paragraph is not necessary, as it is not strictly specified form, which would confirm this experience. Some of the voivodships of Poland does not require the execution of this moment in the formation of the company.

Firms that can be registered in Poland

Taking into account the form of organization of business projects in the Republic of Poland, they are divided into the following types:

  • individual is a private enterprise;
  • public these are different companies or partnerships;

Individual life can be registered by citizens who adhere to the three previously imposed points in the formation of the company, and the public is available to absolutely all foreigners.

Public organizations are also divided into subspecies by their formation:

  • those with limited liability. Many are familiar with the acronym LLC. In this case, the represented company is responsible for the debts only by the property of the company, not personal;
  • the limited partnership. This form implies that there are participants who bear responsibility for their own property, and those who bear responsibility within the framework of the previously made business contribution. They're called fellow investors. They manage the formed company;;
  • stock. All property is divided into shares. The holder of these shares carries a risk in relation to the costs (proportionately) that have been given to acquire them. For other property they are not responsible;
  • joint-stock limited partnership. It is a synthesized form of the previous two. Fellow investors there are shareholders.

Instructions: how to register a company in Poland

Consider how to register a company in Poland, OOO type. The formation of other forms takes place in a similar direction. The registry may be registered in person or with the assistance of a Trustee.

First of all, before the registration of a company in Poland will take place, you need to determine its direction of activity. This is an important point, because it will depend on the level of profitability. To do this, it is best to learn the Polish market before doing so.

From the second step, the formation of a Polish company requires the formation of the authorized capital. By law, the minimum capital must not be less than 5,000 PLN.

The third step a trip to the notary. In order to form a company in Poland, it is necessary that all its founders gathered in a notary. And there is certification the formation of a society, making money in the authorized capital, the certification of signatures.

Further, in Poland a company must be registered in the state register and the ZUS. After that, you need to put the company on tax registration and make a seal. Also, the registration of the LLC can be carried out in the online format. This is done more quickly and no need for personal representation in the process itself.


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