Limited liability company in Poland and its business-possibilities

The establishment of the company in Poland is an ideal solution for investment. The favorable economic situation in Europe will enable you to get a stable high returns on your investments, as well as to conduct completely legal business.

Due to the ease of procedure and short terms of paperwork it will take you about one month to go abroad, to start the development of your business and to adapt to a new country. Moreover, the entire process from start to finish can be done without your personal presence in Poland, with the help of the power of attorney. The best format for doing business in Poland is the legal form LLC (Limited Liability Company), which allows foreign business to get maximum benefits for a startup:

Private limited company provides an wide range of business sectors;

  1. The minimum capital requirement is only 1200 euro;
  2. Co-founders do not have personal liability, and are responsible only through shares in the llc company;
  3. The smooth cooperation with the EU countries (non-registration of additional permits required);
  4. You get a Polish business - visas and residence permits;
  5. Authorized fund may be made of property and securities;
  6. It is allowed to have few Co-founders;
  7. LLC can be sold as ready-made business;
  8. Unlike other legal forms of business, limited company allows to work in the sector of excise goods.
  9. For LLC company formation is needed:
  10. Be defined with the kind of commercial activities;
  11. Choose a name for the company;
  12. Have a copy of the passport of the founder / founders and board members;
  13. Information about the place of the founder / founders of residence, as well as board members.

Nowadays, the cost of llc formation by e-registration is 1299 euros, and the cost of the notary registration is 1399 euros.

The cost of limited liability company formation in Poland includes:

Drawing up the charter company, the selection of activity CEA (Classifier of economic activity) KRS registration system "Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy" Registration tax number NIP, VAT, VAT-EU Customs registration number EORI "Economic Operators' Registration and Identification" Check the statistical number REGON Opening a personal bank account and company s account Sworn translations and interpreter when signing the notary deed Notarial services Manufacturing branded company seals Free consultation and information support at all stages of company registration.

Legal address with postal support is paid in addition, which is about 250 euros per year.

Setting up a limited company by electronic registration in Poland usually takes about 4-5 working days, plus 10 business days to receive all the additional documentation. The term of the notary registration of the company in Poland is 3-4 weeks. Electronic registration of the company makes it possible to work only with the template statute, without the possibility of introducing legal entities as the founders, or the introduction of authorized estate fund, or any other non-standard implementation of the regulations.Notary registration provides an opportunity to make additional provisions in the company's charter.

Limited company formation with Oruga Group

Oruga Group – is an experienced provider of immigration and business services, which is able to provide you with professional all-round support. Cooperating with us, you can always count on the advanced solutions that meet the standards of the international business community.

ORUGA / GROUP offers comprehensive support service of your company in Poland. 

The following options are available:

  1. registration of legal entities (LLC, JSC, Inc.);

  2. Registration of foreign representative offices in Poland;

  3. Registering funds in Poland;

  4. Join the regional offices and branches in Poland;

  5. Accounting;

  6. Tax optimization;

  7. Loan processing.

Opening a limited company in Poland will allow you to experience the full freedom of action in the implementation of business ideas, since opening the business in accordance with all points of the current legislation, you become a full-fledged subject of the commercial activities in the EU.If you have any questions about llc opening in EU, please contact our consultants.


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