Licensing of the activities in Poland for foreign entities

As is well-known, a simple and quite standard procedure is stipulated by law in most cases of foreigners' employment in Poland for the European countries. However in some cases, before starting their labor or commercial activities, foreign citizens must obtain appropriate documents. This applies only to certain industries that are subject to increased monitoring by the Polish state.

Regardless whether you move to Poland as a qualified specialist or as a future entrepreneur with the aim of implementing your business plan, you may certainly need professional assistance in terms of licensing. First and foremost, it depends on the specifics of your activities. The list of activities that are mandatory to be licensed is regulated by various laws of the Republic of Poland. In total, all types of commercial activities that are subject to this regulation can be divided into three categories:

  1. The activities that can be carried out only on the basis of concessions;

  2. The activities that can be carried out based on existing licenses or permits;

  3. The activities that requires recording in a special register.

    For instance, the alcohol license in Poland can have several variations: if it concerns sales, this is a permit, and if the production is concerned, this is registration. 

How to get a license of an accountant, auditor or attorney in Poland?

In addition to licensing of business activities, Poland also provides for regulations of employment of individuals, which implies that an applicant should have specific certificates and diplomas, confirming his/her qualification.

It concerns primarily such fields as:

  • real estate/valuation,
  • medicine,
  • financial and tax consulting,
  • audit/expert assessment,
  • law and many others.

For example, an architect's license in Poland will also require verification of your professional skills and a professional education.

Most employment agencies in Poland are limited in their powers, so foreigners have to settle the issue of licensing on their own. With assistance of Oruga Group, licensing of any activities in Poland can be easy and trouble-free from you in terms of organization, which is included in our best integrated package of services.

If you have specific questions about licensing and employment in Poland, experts of Oruga Group are ready to provide you with all necessary information and personal recommendations.


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