Franchising in Poland – features and benefits.

Franchising is a form of business development, according to which one party on the basis of a contract entitles the other party to use its trademark, technology and equipment to conduct business in compliance with economic and legal independence. It is important that such relationships  are profitable and popular not only in our country but around the world. The franchise was spread also in Poland, thanks to which many foreign businessmen can start their own business, reducing initial costs and receiving assistance from the franchisor on the territory of the country.

Other advantages of franchising in Poland include:

  • safety
  • minimum share capital
  • work under a dependable brand that attracts potential customers
  • an effective system of running business based on the franchise in Poland
  • the support and assistance of franchisor
  • the possibility of obtaining a residence permit
  • keeping capital in reliable Polish banks
  • the ability to obtain outfit, vehicles and equipment in a leasing
  • the company, which is working on the basis of franchising in the Republic of Poland and managed by foreign nationals, has equal rights with other subjects of the economic activities located on the territory of the country.

If you need additional information about immigration to Poland, the visa and residence permit, we will be happy to answer all your questions in any convenient time individually.


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