Company formation in Italy

Italy is a country which is situated in the southern part of Europe, bordered by France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The leading fields of the Italian economy are machine building, metallurgy, light and food industries. Italy is the largest producer and supplier in the world market. The agricultural sector is also well-developed in this country. 

SRL in Italy

The most popular legal form of doing business in this state is a limited liability company (SRL), which acts as a legal resident entity. The non-resident founder is not required to intruduce an Italian resident as a founder and obtain a residence permit. 

Company registration in Italy

The minimum amount of the authorized capital is 10 000 euro, which shall be paid in the amount of 100% in case of a single founder as of the date of registration, and 25% if there are more than one founder, as of the date of a notarial deed; the full amount shall be paid by the beginning of any activities.

The authorized capital shall be vested in a special account of an unestablished company. If there is an available account in Europe, the funds can be transferred from there. The authorized capital can be used only within the course of the company's activity.

Documents required for company registration;

  • Natural persons: copies of passports of founders, a confirmation of residency (notarized and legalized);
  • Legal entities: active status of the company and actual structure (notarized and legalized).

The company can be registered remotely by virtue of power of attorney. The power of attorney shall be notarized and legalized.

After you have obtained the documents proving an existing legal address and the bank has provided the documents confirming vesting of the authorized capital, a procedure for the company's shall be assigned (notarial registration form). Then the documents are submitted to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce. After a SRL is activated, a bank account is opened.

It takes 4 weeks on the average to register a company.

For comparison,registration company in Poland,takes up to 10 working days,

What is included in the service of company registration in Italy:

  1. company registration;
  2. VAT registration;
  3. assistance with opening a bank account;
  4. corporate documents.

To register a company, you should also have a legal address, which should be in Italy and can not be located at private premises.

The cost of company formation in Italy is; On request

Taxation in Italy.

The corporate tax rate is 24%, the regional tax is 3.9%, VAT is 22% and the reduced rates of 10% and 4% for certain categories of goods and services, dividends are 15% for residents and 32% for non-residents.

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