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Time to Invest in Poland

Speculate about invest in Poland? Foreign investment is a quite common thing, and many people doing their business abroad, not in the native country. Main causes are the search of better business environment and quest for low taxes. For these reasons, many businessmen prefer to invest in Poland.

Why Poland is Good for Investment

In 2004 Poland became a member of EU, and since that time country receiving investment flows from Europe and other countries. For now, the country provides an excellent investment opportunity for nonresidents who want to bring money into Polish economy.

By estimates of World Bank, in 2018 Poland among the best countries for doing business: Indexes of Transaction Transparency, Shareholders’ Power and Investor Protection on the same level as in Germany and USA. And Poland ranked 27th out of 190 countries in the Ease of Doing Business Ranking in 2018. 

Strengths of Poland Investment

  • Location. Poland is situated in the middle of the European Union, thus its perfect for investors either from Europe or Asia.

  • Labour. People in this country are well-educated, qualified, but payroll costs are one of the cheapest in EU. Besides, most of the young people speak English.

  • Stability. Poland has been unaffected by world crisis and different political conflicts. It is independent but ready to help people who want to find stability and constancy.

  • Fast-growing economy. World Bank estimates Poland as “high-income” economy. It increases 3 times faster than the average in EU.

  • Consumer market. Poland is area with 38 million of potential clients.

Polish government does its best to build attractive business environment for foreign investors. Thanks to that, Polish investment climate is very liberal. And as a result, amount of FDI (Foreign direct investment) in Poland.

Demandable Investment Form

Real estate investment is the most sought-after way for our clients to increase their profits. Purchasing of estate property commonly does for onward sale or leasing. Another reason to buy such property just funds investment creating.

Assistance in Investment in Poland

Consultants of Oruga Group may help you dispel your doubts and choose an appropriate invest object. First we do is a search for an opportune target, and then provide a complex audit and expertise of that target to forecast future profits. After all negotiations, we support to seal the deal. Our lawyer provides an advisory service at each stage.

We offer qualified assistance to maximize your profit from investments in Poland and build a flourishing company in the developed European market.


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