Poland is the leader in the sales of commercial real estate in Europe

Transactions on the property market in 2016 amounted to almost 4.6 billion euros – according to a report of the consulting company. Poland was again the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of commercial properties transactions.

The value of commercial properties transactions in Poland in 2016 amounted to almost 4.6 billion euro. This is the highest result since the 2006. According to collected information, the largest part of transactions was commercial properties  (43%) and office space (39%).

Poland made every third transaction in the region. The Czech Republic ranked second (about 30% of the market share). Large growth dynamics can be observed in Hungary, where in annual terms the value of transactions there increased more than doubled.

Experts said that the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe recorded an increase of 40%.

Information from the report shows that the last year has also been a record again for residential developers in terms of sold premises. In annual terms, the number of sold apartments increased by more than 20%, and buyers bought over 62 thousand new premises. Developers have handed almost 78.5 thousand new apartments. The number of construction permits granted by them has also increased by 10%. Prognoses indicate that 2017 can still expect high results.

  • Demand in the housing market is on the one hand the effect of low interest rates, big interest from private investors, and the popularity of the MdM program (flat for young people –  PAP).

In 2016 a record office space was put into operation , the amount of office space was up to 900 thousand. sq.m . Its  means that total office space in Poland has already exceeded 9 million square meters. In this case, attention should be paid to the professional business services sector.

Experts estimate that  developed infrastructure, large number of qualified university graduates  and lower labor costs than in Western Europe  is attractive for a new investors .

The largest number of offices  are established in Warsaw, Krakow, Łódź and Wroclaw.

According to reports, in 2016, 460 thousand. sq.m. of  retail space was put into operation. Experts predict that "this year may be even better."

Also, according to the reports Poland is dynamically developing  a hotel market. According to the Central Statistical Office the number of categorized hotels in Poland exceeded 2450 and the number of rooms 126 thousand. Only 14 % hotels are network hotels while in other countries it is on average 30%.

Investors willing to put capital in the storage industry. Because of the central location and becoming better and more extensive network of roads and highways, Poland is a very attractive place for logistic companies. Currently, storage area exceeding 11 million square meters in Poland. Under construction is a further 1.5 million and  75% them is already rented.

Still more than 90% investors it's a  foreign investors. Last year it was mostly entities with capital from South Africa, United States, Germany and  United Kingdom.


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