Official Employment in Poland has Become Much More Difficult than Before.

Almost 50% of all Polish large companies in one way or another use foreign labor in different quantities. Workers, usually Ukraine, as well as countries outside the European Union,sometimes with the knowledge of the English, language have been in Poland for a long time and are an essential part of the labor market. Many enterprises in different sectors, especially construction, production, and agricultural work, are significantly dependent on such employees.

Today companies are looking for immigrants from Indie, Phillipins or Nepal as new staff (as they are cheaper). Poland is replenished every year by hundreds of foreign people but new ones are still required because the demand for labor is high due to growing needs and an increasing number of jobs. However, Polish employers bitch about the lack of guide from the country: country establishments make it difficult to fill vacancies.

Sources of information say that today obtaining permission to work for a foreign worker takes months, not weeks, as before. Theoretically, the consideration of the application should take only a month, that is, up to 30 calendar days but in practice, this period is constantly increasing. All this is due to the large number of people who want to officially find a job in Poland.

The bad news for Poland is that Germany opens borders for qualified workers from Ukraine. The Czech Republic is also trying to gradually facilitate the employment of foreigners for their companies but in Poland, employers are still forced to submit many paper documents, which significantly complicate the process. In other countries, submission of documents is possible in electronic form.

In some offices, there is a regulation on the partial submission of electronic applications. Another problem is a long consideration of applications and differences in the stated time intervals. What is important is the fact that the Polish business basically stops and does not grow as fast as it could, precisely because of a shortage of skilled labor.


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