2020 Will Come With New Taxes

The governing party has suggested some new ideas that would get high support of the voters but will inevitably create serious difficulties for the Ministry of Finance.  Such novelties like the 13th pension or cancelation of Personal Income Tax for the workers under 26 years old will result in huge expenses, roughly billions of zlotys. The experts express concern that the government will initiate serious issues for the country’s budget. But let’s review the potential sources of funds.

Definitely, the taxes will grow. The project involves an increase of excise tax on alcoholic products and tobacco goods by 3 percent starting from next year. Moreover, they will impose excise duty on electronic cigarettes and all new products of tobacco segment. There are rumors that digital taxation will be claimed from Facebook and Google, which are operating free on fax in Poland for today.

One more way to collect money is the increase of charge on plastic bags. Last year Poland started to add a special fee to the cost of plastic shopping bags. Though, it does not generate the expected sum to the budget. For today this fee is applicable for the bags 15 -50 micrograms thick. The regulation will be modified so that the fee can be taken from the thicker bags too. The aim of this amendment is defined by the necessity to reduce plastic pollution in the country.

Another novelty is a so-called ”entrepreneur test.” It does not mean you will be checked for your business skills. Its purpose is to recognize those people who work as self-employed in order to minimize income tax and social insurance payments. But at the same time, professionals are sure that these regulations will not be easy to introduce. A new lay will influence around 80 000 Poles.

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