New Polish IDs to be Come Into Force on March 4

In less than two weeks we will see new Polish IDs which will prove individuals’ identities. All people that submit ID applications after March 4th will receive the document. Currently, the preparations reached the final stage and two Ministries – of Digital Affairs and of the Interior – noted that they are ready for the launch.

The new version of the card is required to open a bank account, rent a vehicle or sign a business agreement. The document will contain a microchip storing data about the ID holder and will make it possible to use the ID in many new ways.

The exchange process is simple – the new cards will gradually replace the current ones. When old identity cards will expire new ones will be given instead. A Polish ID is valid for 10 years thus, this is the interim required to complete the process. However, every cardholder may change the card whenever they want before the expiration date.

The new IDs will allow citizens to communicate with state and local institutions and sign documents using modern ways – the Internet and electronic signature. Hospitals and other health facilities will also use them. Biometric data on the e-IDs will enable face recognition at airports.

The new document does not look much different from its predecessor. Barcode at the back of the card is the main difference.


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