New Investment in Warsaw with thousands of new Apartments

One of the biggest buildings grows in Warsaw. There is a new investment in Poland with thousands new apartments for selling. 

Apartments, combined with a skyscraper will create a new housing development in Warsaw. In a limited space will live up to ten thousand people. The giant block in Wola district will contain three connected towers. Two of them will have 27 floors or 93 meters in height, the third one will have only 23 meters. In the middle of the building there will be space for shops and fitness center. 

Above will be 380 offices and apartments, which are divided into two categories: apartments, investment and luxury apartments. The whole block has an area of 65 thousand. sq. m. The center apartments will have panoramic windows where you can see the surroundings. The facade, covered with glass, should suppress noise.

The only problem is that the biggest block in Poland is in a rather limited corner plot after the former Vis factory. A small green space will be the only place of rest for residents. The area will br  densely built up, sheathed with blocks. It is already clear that there will not be too much green space, and after the commissioning of all the blocks, the territory will be even more filled.


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