How to Obtain a Loan for Your Real Estate Purchase in Poland?

There are many people living in Poland who aren't discouraged about the charges of real estate market in the country. Their income earned abroad enables them to save for the deposit, and ensures creditworthiness. 

So, do Polish people move abroad just to save for housing?

There are many reports about economic emigration. It says that almost 8 thousand Poles implemented for British British citizenship since 2009. Recently, the famous Polish newspaper “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” published that the number of migrants who have been living abroad for longer than one year increased by 874 thousand within the closing last 10 years.
Many emigrants consider work in the UK as a temporary solution for quick money

Earning money for the loan

Expacts have become a crucial group of customers on Polish actual estate marketplace. The main goal of young Polish people and married couples who decide to move abroad is the desire to live in their own places. It is much easier for them to earn more outside of Poland. Some of the emigrants leave the country to pay the debt for the program "Rodzina na Swoim".  And some of them treat emigration as a starting point for future purchase on the real property market.


Do banks prefer people with foreign income?

Certainly, earnings gained abroad provides you more freedom in Poland.
Every financial institution has an individual approach to every purchaser who earns cash outside of Poland. If customers meet general requirements, they may be effortlessly granted a mortgage. However, we must keep in mind, that we are talking about people who have high salaries (comparing to Poland) and financial savings for the deposit. In that case, clients can be assessed as low-chance customers by means of the financial institution.

Foreign income, cheaper mortgage loan

Those Poles who work overseas, save money to buy massive houses or apartments. Their excessive salaries permit them to acquire massive economic assist.

And thanks to that they have got enough savings to pay the deposit – which is regularly 10-30% of the belongings fee.


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