Consequences of the Meat Scandal in Poland

Poland was requested to provide a report on the country’s safety regulations in the meat industry to the European Commission. The hearing will be conducted on March 18th during the gathering of Agriculture Ministers from the EU countries. The reason why the Commission wanted to demand explanations from Poland takes roots in the scandal which took place in the European media a few weeks ago. Then, Polish journalists found out that an abattoir in Poland used the meat of sick cows.

The Polish officials should report on the health safety procedures which are already implemented or will be implemented soon proving that meat exported to EU is safe to eat. The government should conduct an audit of slaughterhouses in the country and educational campaigns for farmers. According to an EU representative, the issue is very serious thus, Polish authorities need to pay special attention to it.

Polish beef exporters, as well as the whole national meat industry, might feel a strong impact of the scandal. Some countries have refused to import meat from Poland already. Authorities of the Czech Republic made a decision to provide additional inspections and want to see more reports with regard to the Polish beef.  Czech authorities also want the EU to imply additional checks while the European Commission asked the inspections to stop.

More than 800 kg of Polish beef unsuitable for consumption was found in France. Thus, French authorities spoke in favor of the EU food safety inspection. They also want to see more food control from EU bodies.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Poland should take serious measures to rescue the reputation of Polish meat industry. Note that the country is number three beef exporter to EU.


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