More than 1 million goods were removed by Amazon from its marketplace.

More than 3,000 deaths due to coronavirus are already known in the world, and more than 88,000 people, have already become ill, most of whom are in China. Many sellers who place their products on Amazon wanted to take advantage of the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and  induced by it the fear and excitement in order to greatly increase the price of their goods.

False advertising using the topic of the epidemic has become a mass phenomenon among sellers, despite the fact that Amazon obliges those who want to sell goods on the marketplace's website to comply with laws and company policies to provide buyers with true information.

Fair pricing should be used to sell products on Amazon's website. Representatives of the company reported the inadmissibility of misleading customers regarding the purpose of utilizing and cost of goods. Previously, Amazon did not actually monitor the quality of products offered by sellers and was criticized for that.

Many Sellers Have Raised Prices in Several Times

Many sellers offering products such as face masks and other essential hygiene products have raised prices in several times, while others charged much higher price of delivery than it cost, taking advantage of increased demand and artificially increasing hype.

After the reports of some major companies that due to the continued spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, there may be a shortage of hygiene products, consumers have raised concerns about this issue and many of them became ready to buy such goods at several times expensive.

After discovering such offers of sellers, Amazon began to remove such items from its site. According to the representative of the company, they continue to work on the detection, blocking and removal of goods that violate the company’s policy regarding the placement of offers.



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