Commercial Proxy in Poland

Specific type of power of attorney of a Polish company

In other words, the commercial proxy is the institution which has the certain power of attorney. It should be established by the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur must register in the national court register of entrepreneurs. 
The next important thing is that all the commercial proxies are the power of attorney, but not every power of attorney must be a commercial proxy. In order to all the entrepreneurs be satisfied, the legislature created three types of a commercial proxy.

Here they are:

  • soul (proves that commercial proxy can be absolutely independent); 
  • joint (characterizes by the necessity of corporation of the commercial proxies);
  • branch (limits all the scope of commercial proxy activities to all the matters which you can find in the main register). 

Pay attention that the scope of your activities in Poland can’t be limited as an unusual power of attorney. You should know that every activity that exceeded the specified sphere can be invalid. The main reason for that is that the activity exceeds the powers of the commercial proxy.

All the partners and directors take part in the commercial proxy activities. If you want to appoint a commercial proxy, you should follow the next steps:

  1. appointing a commercial proxy;
  2. acceptance of the commercial proxy position;
  3. submission of the application form with appointment resolution to the national court registry. You should try to do it for the 7 days from the date of appointment.

The date of resolution does not important in this case. Don’t forget about the written form of your proxy point. Your proxy can act 


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