Who can get a temporary residence permit in Poland

Poland offers several kinds of permits to settle to citizens of other states. Each one has its own peculiarities and requires different grounds to be received. Temporary residence permit (TRP) allows settling in the country from three months to three years. A holder of a TRP is allowed to be employed or run a firm in Poland and also travel to EU without additional documents.

How can I get a temporary residence in Poland?

There are several conditions which an individual must meet to be eligible for a TRP. For instance, a citizen of another state intends to be employed by a Polish or foreign company or plans to pursue a degree in one of the country’s universities.

Other circumstances may be:

  • registration of a new firm in Poland, (business immigration);
  • attending language courses or undertaking an academic research;
  • reuniting with a family member who lives on the Polish territory.

Please acknowledge yourself with the national legislation to have a comprehensive list of grounds to be granted a TRP. You may also hire a legal consultant specializing in migration issues to get a sufficient support in getting Poland temporary residence.

How to apply

An application form and supporting papers should be submitted to an appropriate Voivodeship Office.

Usually, it takes a month for the Voivode to review the papers and give an answer. However, there are cases when more time is required (not more than two months though). May this be your situation, you will get a notification from the Voivodeship Office specifying the grounds for the postponement and also the new interim needed to give an answer.

Important: When the Voivode accepts your documents, he will put a stamp in your travel document proving that you have applied for a Polish temporary residence. This mark allows you to be in the country till the decision on your case is made (including the time needed for an appeal procedure if the answer is negative).

Note that it is not possible to prolong a TRP. A person willing to stay in Poland for a longer interim should re-apply for a new permit.


An individual willing to get a TRP should pay 340 zlotys for consideration of granting the permit. In case of a negative decision, an applicant can get a reimbursement of the fee.

If an individual applies for both – TRP and work permit simultaneously, the fee is 440 zlotys.

In case of a positive decision, another fee of 50 zlotys should be paid for the card.

Why can a temporary residence permit of Poland be withdrawn?

There are certain reasons for Polish authorities to withdraw your TRP. For instance:

  • the circumstances for residence which were the basis for issuing the TRP do not exist anymore;
  • for security or public safety issues;
  • the individual fails to fulfill the requirements for granting a TRP;
  • the individual has provided false data or fake documents when applying for the TRP;
  • the individual must go through an obligatory medical therapy but he refuses to undertake it.

One of the key aspects of getting a TRP is to submit comprehensive documents. May you need any assistance, feel free to contact our office and get help with any legal issues.


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