Property in Poland – a market of excellent opportunities

If you plan to reside in Poland for a long period of time or you are simply looking for good investment possibilities, we recommend to pay attention to the Polish real estate market. The country’s economy is growing quickly and remains stable for many years, so you may be sure that if you purchase a flat, a building or a piece of land your investments will be safe for the decades to come.

Here are a few more reasons to buy Poland property:

  • Prices. The real estate in the country is cheaper than in the majority of European countries or Germany and France.
  • Investment. You can lease your property parcel and/ or sell it for a bigger price later. Besides, the majority of analysts agree that prices for Polish property will continue growing which is another reason to buy today.
  • Security. No matter what happens in your life or current business you will always have a backup. Besides, real estate hardly requires any special attention, so no additional obligations!

Poland property: where to buy?

The real estate market in Poland offers great opportunities throughout the country. Your choice may depend on your preferences, purposes and the amount you are willing to invest. We encourage you to investigate the market before making the final decision to get the best deal possible.

Just an example: prices for property in Warsaw may vary from 900 to 2100 Euros per square meter. While costs in suburbs are lower and real estate there remains cheaper than in other European cities.

How to find a real estate agent

It is a common practice to buy a property from its owner. However, it is not always easy for a foreigner who may not know the language and the market itself. A good idea is to hire a real estate agent to help you find the best deal.

There are agencies that operate online and provide English websites for the convenience of foreign investors. However, if you choose to consult an online agency, be careful to avoid fraud. Never give any money beforehand, all payments should be made via your notary.

Visit a number of properties to see them with your own eyes. There are many properties which your agent may never have seen but he relies on the seller’s photos only.

Property for sale in Poland for foreigners

A foreigner coming from EU member states can buy a flat or a land up to 0,4 hectares without any conditions. To acquire a different type of property, a special permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs is required.

Foreigners coming from non-EU countries must obtain a permission no matter what property of Poland they want to buy. But there a few exceptions to this rule. For instance, no permission is required if a foreigner has been residing in Poland for more than five years based on a PR or long-term EU residency. This term decreases to two years if a foreigner has been married to a Polish citizen.

To apply for a permission, you must submit an application with information about your legal status, the real estate you want to buy and its seller, ways the property will be utilized. Also, the Ministry has a right to ask for documents confirming your bonds with Poland.


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