Poland permanent residence – opportunity to acquire an EU citizenship

There are a few ways for a non-citizen to live in Poland for a continuous period without violating the national immigration legislation. Probably, obtaining a permanent residency for an indistinct period is among the most preferred ones. Despite the fact that you are required to exchange your old residence card for a new one every ten years and cannot be employed in another state with it, this is still a comfortable way to settle in EU.

How can I obtain a permanent residence permit in Poland?

To get a legal settlement in the country, a foreigner must have strong reasons which will convince state authorities to give him a sufficient document. Here are the circumstances which make you eligible for a Polish permanent residence:

  • Your son or daughter is a Poland permanent resident and he or she was born after you have received the permit.
  • Your father or mother is a citizen of Poland.
  • You have Polish ancestors and are willing to live here constantly.
  • Your spouse is Polish and your marriage has been registered for three years or more before you applied to the permit. Also, you are required to prove that you have been residing in the country for two years or more with a temporary residence permit (TRP) or you are a refugee.

You will also convince state authorities to give you the residence card if you:

have been living in the country for ten years or more and cannot return home because it is hazardous for your life.

are granted a shelter in Poland.

are a victim of human trafficking and have been staying in the country for one year or more with a TRP.

possess a Pole’s Card and are willing to live here constantly.

Note that you must apply all documents during your legal stay in the country.

What documents do I need to submit for a Polish permanent residence permit?

Every foreigner willing to get the card must provide the following papers and documents:

  • application form
  • 4 photos
  • passport
  • documents which can prove the facts described in the application form
  • a document which shows that you have paid stamp duty.

Also, you may be requested to submit other papers depending on your particular case. It is advisable to consult a lawyer before applying to be sure your set of documents is comprehensive.

Common reasons for a denial of a Poland permanent residence permit

Polish state authorities will reject your petition for the long-awaited permit if you:

  • live in Poland but fail to provide documents supporting your legal status;
  • have Schengen visa and it was issued because of humanitarian reasons;
  • have a long-term EU resident permit;
  • have a TRP which you got for a brief stay;
  • don’t live in Poland;
  • are arrested or imprisoned;
  • are obliged to move away from the country;
  • failed to provide fingertips.

How long does it take to get the permit?

Once you file your documents, you must wait for one month to hear the resolution. If the Voivode needs more time, he must let you know the reasons for the delay as well as the new deadline.

Note that you will get a stamp in your passport confirming that you are waiting for the resolution regarding your future status and may legally live in the country for this interim. However, a foreigner is not allowed to visit Schengen states with the stamp or go back to his home (to enter Poland again, you must display a sufficient document, for instance, visa).

Also, to exchange your old residence card for a new one, make sure you file your papers not later than one month before the current document expires.


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