Poland citizenship by investment – possibility for everybody

Poland is a country which offers a great business environment for every entrepreneur. Favorable location, stable economy, large consumer market, low costs on manufacturing and qualified labor, transparent conditions to start a business – this is just a short list of advantages which businessmen get when starting a new company in Poland. And finally, running a successful business may become your chance to get Polish citizenship.

Is it possible to get citizenship in Poland by investment?

According to the definition of investment immigration, an individual obtains citizenship when he or she invests a certain amount of money into the country they would like to reside in. Usually, an investor should first approve his project and fulfill the legal requirements of the country.

Currently, immediate citizenship by investment in Poland is impossible. Poland offers a different scheme for businessmen willing to get a Polish passport one day – starting with a permit to settle. We advise you to get assistance from a legal advisor who can help you plan your steps towards Polish citizenship. He will help you to see all the options available to you as well as collect the necessary documents at each stage.

Permit to settle: your first step towards Poland citizenship by investment

One of the best ways to reside in Poland for a long period is by incorporating a company here. The national government is ready to grant residence permits to entrepreneurs who can develop successful businesses, create new jobs, pay taxes and develop the country’s regions. This is a type of cooperation when everybody is happy.

Foreign investors have several types of companies to choose from – LLC, JSC and several types of partnerships. You can either register a new company, open a branch or subsidiary, or purchase an existing firm.

When a foreigner starts a business in Poland, he gets a business visa “D” first and later is eligible for the following permits: temporary residence (TRP), permanent residence (PRP) or long-term EU residence.

TRP: the document allows you to live in the country for the period of three months to three years.

PRP: the document allows you to live in the country for an indefinite period but you must replace your residence card every 10 years.

Long-term EU residence permit: the document allows you to live in the country for an indefinite period but you must replace your residence card every 5 years.

Each type of permits allows its owners to travel to European countries without visas.

Note that you can get your first permit to settle in 6 months after entering the local market. This time is enough to show some business results and give grounds for you to reside in the country for a longer period.

Important: the national legislation allows dual citizenship. A foreigner willing to obtain Polish citizenship by investment must check whether his home country’s legislation allows holding two passports.


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