Ready to open company in Poland?

There're no obstacles to for opening Poland company by anyone who wants it. Whether you foreigner or not, rich or have not much money, Poland is open for everyone who wants to invest in the country and ready to make Poland even richer and more prosperous.

Poland is EU member for more than 14 years, and the country used this time to become a tasty morsel for foreign investors from different continents. Today Poland is in Top-5 of the most attractive European countries for investment and doing business.

Advantages to open Poland company

The main reasons why foreigners choose Poland for company formation:

  • Central European location;
  • Low taxation (19% of Corporate Income Tax);
  • Low-cost yet qualifies work force;
  • Low manufacturing costs;
  • High-developed industries economy;
  • Transparent business conditions.

What to do to open polish company

The standard procedure for company formation in Poland includes following steps:

  1. Choose the scale of business. Determine the size of future business - large, medium or small.
  2. Choose the company type. Regarding the size of the future business, the founder may select one of the company types: LLC (Limited Liability Company), Partnership, Joint-Stock Company. Each of those types has its own strengths and weaknesses, but most founders choose LLC because of ease of providing business activity and minimal requirements for share capital and management system.
  3. Draw up the Articles of Association. We advise you to request to the experienced lawyers to make this document.
  4. Register the company in the authorities. Receive KRS (in National Court Registry), REGON (in statistic authority) and NIP (in tax authority) numbers for full company operation.
  5. Open a bank account. Every company owner has to open a bank account only by himself, but assistants may help him to collect documents and choose the convenient bank.
  6. Obtain VAT number in the tax authority.

Open polish companies faster

Registration of a company in Poland is really great opportunity for starting a new phase of life in Europe and built own business there. But future entrepreneurs need to know Poland law and posses from four to six weeks for various paperwork and company registration in Poland. It may be difficult for people who have no experience in doing business in the European country and don't know features of European company formation.

That's why our customers provide company foundation treatments via power of attorney. They allow professional lawyers of Oruga Group do all the registration procedures and are not distracted from their life. We provide comprehensive support for people who are going to conduct business in Poland:

  • Notary deeds;
  • Registration in the authorities;
  • Translation services;
  • Assistance in negotiations;
  • Consultations;
  • Assistance in residence permits obtaining for company owners and directors.

Our specialists have long-term experience in opening a polish company, thus everyone may be sure in the fast and legitimate company registration.


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