Open company in Poland and discover new markets

In the fast-changing world, businessmen are constantly searching for new opportunities for growth. Europe is among most desirable markets for many investors. And one of the best places to start a business in EU is Poland. The country has a good geographical position offering access not to European markets only but to the huge number of consumers living to the East. In addition, the national government encourages foreigners to open Polish companies by providing favorable conditions for their businesses.

Opening a company in Poland: main procedures and requirements

There are several forms of legal entities available for investors willing to open Polish company. The most preferable one is a limited liability company (LLC) because it gives many advantages to the owners, including protection in the case of failure. An LLC can trade its shares on a stock market starting with the nominal value of at least 50 zlotys per share.

The main requirements to register an LLC are the following:

  • it should have at least one member;
  • it should have an executive board represented by at least one member;
  • it should have 5,000 zlotys on a bank deposit;
  • the name of the firm should have the abbreviation “Sp. z.o.o” (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) in the end.

Another form of legal entity which foreign investors consider when opening a Polish company is JSC, or Spółka akcyjna (S. A.). It is an ideal variant for large businesses allowing its owners to trade shares at a stock market starting with 0,01 zlotys per share.

Here are the requirements to register a JSC in Poland:

  • it should have minimum one founder;
  • it should have a supervisory board and an executive board represented by at least one person;
  • it should have 100,000 zlotys on a bank deposit; 25% of this amount should be paid at the time of incorporation.

Other options available for foreign entrepreneurs willing to open a company in Poland include partnership legal entities.

1. Registered partnership (Spółka jawna) is the best variant for small businesses. It is easy to open such a firm and easy to liquidate it, the fee for registration is 600 zlotys only, accounting system is simple.

2. Limited liability partnership (Sp. K.) can be settled by at least two people or legal entities. This type gives a right to run a business under its own name. Other advantages include but are not limited to: there is no starting capital for registration, all profits are divided among partners based on their contributions; the framework of activities is unlimited.

3. Limited joint-stock partnership (S.K.A.) can be settled by two or more persons or legal entities, the capital can be increased by issuing shares, the profits are divided based on each partner’s input, the framework of activities is unlimited.

4. Civil partnership (Spółka cywilna) is a perfect option for small entrepreneurs. This type of company has no legal entity, the registration procedure is simple and free of charge, its owners can choose a form of taxation.

To open a company, you don’t have to be present in Poland personally. A legal representative appointed by power of attorney can do all the routine work for you.


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