Legal Services in Poland

Reasons to hire an advocate in Polish

Poland is one of the best EU destinations for foreign investors to search for new business opportunities. The country enjoys a perfect geographical location and stable economic growth for many years. Also, the national legislation provides various incentives for foreign businessmen willing to enter new markets.

To get the most out of these opportunities and also to go through all business procedures smoothly, it is advisable to seek for Poland legal services. A professional lawyer will offer the most suitable solutions for your business quickly.

How an advocate in Poland can help

Registration and running a firm in a foreign county might be overwhelming. There are many legal nuances which a foreigner should know. Another challenge is to submit appropriate documents in the national language. Hiring a legal professional who will support you in your business endeavors might be a good idea.

Here is the list of legal services in Poland which you may get from a lawyer:

  • Company registration, purchase or sale. Polish legislation provides several variants of legal entities which a foreign investor might consider for his business. Each one has its own advantages and registration peculiarities. A legal advisor will help you to decide which one suits your needs better and will also provide assistance with documentation. Also, if you decide to sell your company at some point, a lawyer will help you to do that easily.
  • Tax optimization. A legal consultant will recommend the most efficient tax scheme for your business.
  • Collecting and submitting documents. An advocate will take the routine work of collecting the necessary documents, translating them into Polish and submitting them to state bodies.
  • Receiving permits and business visas for foreign citizens. Poland immigration laws set certain requirements for foreigners to live and work in the country legally. However, there were changes in the legislation to provide better conditions for foreigners moving to Poland. An advocate will help you to take advantage of these opportunities and will advise you on how to get a residence permit for you and your foreign employees. He or she will also provide assistance in case you need a national work visa to run your business.

It is a good idea is to hire a professional firm which provides different services to foreign investors entering the Polish market. Thus, consultants will have a better idea of your business and will be able to provide you with the best advice and support whenever you need them. Majority of legal services companies provide audit, due diligence, and accounting services to their clients. You can hire one firm for all of your working needs and focus on strategic development of your business.


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