How to get EU residency in Poland

Any EU national gets the right to settle in any EU country if he or she has lived there for five or more years continuously. If you fulfill this requirement, you are eligible for an EU residence permit without any additional conditions.

According to the Polish legislation, to be granted the permission a foreigner must comply with the following requirements:

  • stay in the country for 5 or more years uninterruptedly and based on legal grounds;
  • have steady earnings for 3 or more years prior to applying (if you are a holder of a Blue Card you should prove steady earnings for at least 2 years);
  • have health insurance;
  • have premises to live;

have a certificate proving the residence address or a document stating that it is impossible to get such a certificate.

Let us clarify the last point. Any individual who lives in Poland should attend the municipal office to register the address where he or she resides and obtain a certificate. The whole procedure is free of charge and the document is given the same day.

To apply, a foreigner must complete a special form. Note that there are two types of the form and you should select the one that fits your residence situation. You will be also requested to submit:

  • copy of your ID;
  • prove of your grounds to be in Poland;
  • an act which confirms your legal residence at the address you want to register (for instance, a rental agreement).

How to obtain an EU residence card?

The authority which provides such permissions is called Office for Foreigners and you should contact the one which is located at your Voivodeship office (at the place where you reside). Here is the list of documents which you will have to submit:

  • a standard application completed in Polish;
  • passport;
  • four photos;
  • documents which support the information you provide in your application form;
  • confirmation that you have a place to live;
  • certificate proving your knowledge of the Polish language.

Important: you must demonstrate that your Polish level is enough for communication. There are several types of documents which may prove your competence and you can choose any of them.

Note that when you submit your documents for EU residence, you will get a stamp in your travel document proving that you have applied for the permit and can stay in Poland till you know the resolution.

What are the fees for the EU residence permit card?

To start the revision process, you must pay a duty of xxx zlotys. If the answer is negative, you will get the money back. In case of a positive answer, you will have to pay xxx zlotys for the card itself. You can pay these amounts in the Voivodeship Office or in a bank.

How long does the revision procedure take?

Usual timing is 6-9 months. However, in some cases a Voivode may need more time to review the papers. In such a case, you will get a notific


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