How to get a Polish passport

Poland is a cozy country for life, work, and doing business. No wonder that so many foreigners would love to get Polish citizenship. However, there is a set list of circumstances which may convince state authorities to grant you the citizenship.

Who can acquire a passport in Poland?

Polish legislation is very clear about the terms for receiving citizenship of this state.

1. Guaranteed by law. This means that a person gets Polish citizenship automatically if either his mother or father has the state’s passport. Also, the law guarantees citizenship to orphans born on the Polish territory and to children of parents without another citizenship. Also, a child becomes a Pole if he or she has not reached the age of 16 and was adopted by a person with the national passport.

2. Being recognized as the state’s citizen. This means that a foreigner can be granted the citizenship but he or she needs to demonstrate specific reasons for that. For instance:

A foreigner has been constantly residing in Poland for three or more years based on a permit to settle, he or she has a stable source of income and a place to live.

  • A foreigner has been constantly residing on the Polish territory for ten or more years, he or she has a stable source of income and a place to live. In comparison to the previous point, there are no special clarifications about the basis for the settlement (it can be a permit to settle or visa).
  • A foreigner was staying on the Polish territory for two or more years constantly and is getting married to a person with a Poland citizenship.
  • A foreigner was staying in the country for two or more years constantly being a refugee.
  • A foreigner has been staying in the country for two or more years and can prove that he has Polish ancestors.
  • A child whose parent possesses passport of Poland and who lives in the country.

3. Being granted the citizenship. The state’s President can decide to give you the national passport. You must send a petition to his office and wait for the resolution.

4. By restoring citizenship. If a foreigner was a Polish citizen before 1999, he may renew it.

How long does the procedure take?

All applications are reviewed immediately after submission and the resolution is made quickly if a foreigner provides enough evidence. However, Polish authorities may take time for investigating; if this is your case, you will have to wait for one or two months to get the decision depending on the circumstances.

What are the fees for applying?

The fee for applying for the citizenship is 219 zlotys and should be paid before your papers are accepted. However, if the resolution is negative, you may request a refund.

Who can try an appeal procedure?

Any person who is not contented with the resolution has two weeks to file an appeal.

What are the circumstances for losing Polish citizenship?

The national Constitution says that a Pole may deny the citizenship voluntarily.

Also, Polish legislation allows holding two passports. You may apply for Polish citizenship without an intention to refuse your current one. A person with two passports has the same rights and obligation as any other Polish national. However, a foreigner should learn whether his own state has no objections to avoid violating the home country legislation.

The reasons why foreigners are seeking methods to get a Poland passport are different. With a comprehensive legal support, it is real to go through the whole process smoothly and hear a positive answer soon.


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