Business for sale in Poland: a company for everybody

Launching a new business is always time-consuming and even stressful, especially if you are incorporating a new firm abroad. Prior to starting the registration, you need to acknowledge yourself with the country’s regulations, collect the required documents, translate them into the national language and then file them to appropriate authorities

Forms of conducting business

Like in the majority of European countries, the following forms of business activity are possible in Poland:

  • commercial companies such as LLCs, JSC, partnerships;
  • branches and subsidiaries;
  • representative offices;
  • private entrepreneurship.

The most popular type of legal entities is LLC because it provides many advantages to the owners, including protection in the case of failure.

To open business in Poland, you may decide to either be personally involved in the registration process or hire a lawyer who can help you at all the stages.

However, many businessmen choose to avoid the routine part and simply buy a ready made company in Poland, for instance. Such companies are secure because they have never performed any business activities, they don’t own real property.

A business for sale in Poland: advantages of a ready made company

Basically, purchasing of a ready firm means a simple transfer of proprietorship. Here is a list of benefits an investor gets when he enters a Polish market this way:

  • Less time to start business activities. For comparison: to incorporate an LLC, you need time for gathering sufficient documents, translating them and filing to the appropriate institutions. After this, you have to wait for one month to get the registration documents. Meanwhile, purchasing a ready made company takes one or two days.
  • Existent bank account. One of the requirements to open a Polish business is to have an account in a local bank which is not always simple for foreigners. When you purchase an existing company, it already has an account.
  • The firm is already registered for VAT, CIT purposes; it also has a REGON number. It also has all the necessary licenses to run certain business activities.
  • The firm can be involved in an unlimited range of activities. However, make sure these activities are mentioned in the Articles of Association. You can change the document according to your needs immediately after you purchase a new business.
  • The firm has a clean background. However, it is advisable to check the company before purchasing to make sure it has no any obligations.

The procedure of acquiring an existing firm

Majority of investors agree that a ready made company is the best business in Poland which is easy to launch. But still there are certain steps which you need to do before you start working:

  • collect and submit sufficient papers to state bodies;
  • make amendments to the Articles of Association within 7 days after the firm was purchased;
  • sign an agreement with the current company owner;
  • make a note in a Company National Register;
  • switch the bank’s account to the name of the new owner.

Important: you are not obliged to be present in Poland personally to obtain a new firm. It is easier to hire a lawyer who can do all the routine work for you.


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