Advocate in Polish

Every foreigner in Poland seeks for Poland advocate or another professional lawyer, sooner or later. Polish laws are quite complex for ordinary people, not lawyers, and professional helper can assist foreigner and help to avoid legal problems in there.

Even if you are a law-abiding citizen, you need legal support for various deals with a real estate, taxes, during appealing to state authorities and other regulators. Thus, better to find a reliable advocate in advance and use his or her services at the slightest uncertainty.

Legal services in Poland

Oruga Group provides Poland legal services for many years and has wide law company network in 5 countries. There are a few reasons why our customers apply for an advocate in Poland:

  • Opening a company. Company formation in Poland is not very difficult process, but foreigners encounter delays and rejections and don't understand the reasons behind that. Professional lawyer can explain your mistakes and advise the right solution.
  • Licensing. Next ordinary problems prospective businessmen often face are obtaining licenses and permits for conducting business activity. Lawyer will help you find out reasons for license denying and help to make the documents correctly.
  • Immigration issues. Poland immigration laws are not very friendly for all the foreigners, people have to earn the right to live and work in Poland. But it's not as difficult as it seems, and advocates of Oruga Group team have numerous solutions for various immigration problems and troubles.
  • Tax minimization. Everyone wants to pay so little taxes as it possible. We help our clients to minimize their taxes and avoid problems with tax authorities.
  • Debt collection. Any company may face to partners and buyers who don't want to pay their debts, as well as any company may face to unscrupulous vendors by delivery contracts. And these issues often lead to the court. In this case, professional advocate support can reduce the time and money costs and help the company or individual to defend their rights.
  • Litigation. Advocate support is needed at any disputes and it's required for litigation. Use the advocate services for not serving your time in a future.
  • Embezzlement. We hope you are a law-abiding citizen and never commit a crime, but everyone can make mistakes, and in this difficult time professional support of advocate may reduce the punishment and reclassify the crime or abolish the penalty at all.

Legal support in Poland

Our professionals can help you and solve any legal problems at any stage of company activity or your own private life. Litigation and disputes are challenging, and we want you to overcome this period of time as fast and lossless as possible.

Feel free to contact us for details and professional advocate support in Poland.


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