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There is hardly any business in the world which is fond of paying taxes. It doesn’t matter how big the business is, where it is located or what its profits are. If you are a business owner, probably, you would prefer to spend as much money as possible on your business development, not taxes. But what do you know about legal ways to optimize taxes for your business? Probably, not much if you still adhere to the common ways. Meanwhile, such companies as Starbucks, Amazon, Google and other have already done a great job optimizing their taxes. In fact, in 2012, Starbucks managed to pay NO corporate tax even when it had sales of £400m in the UK. Moreover, the company paid just £8.6m of corporation tax in Britain over 14 years and said it did not get any profits on the British market because the market is tough there.

More examples:

- In 2011, Amazon had sales in the UK of £3.35bn but reported a “tax expense” of £1.8m.
In 2011, Google in UK paid £6m in taxes on the UK turnover of £395m.
Starbucks paid $5.9m of tax in the UK on profits of $213m in the year to the end of October 2017.

Note the corporate tax in the UK is 19.5 percent, so the companies should have paid much more. And the companies did not violate a single law. Impressive, isn’t it?  So, what did they do to come up with such results? Let’s have a look at what Starbucks did to optimize its taxes in the UK. The company has transferred some money to its Dutch sister company in royalty payments. It bought coffee beans from Switzerland. It has paid high interest rates to borrow from other parts of business. The company used tax breaks related to employees who got payments in shares. And those are only several optimising tool they have used. 

Despite all the debates about multinationals paying less than they should, the companies keep on using each single opportunity to save on taxes. And these opportunities are available to every single business, not giants only. In fact, this is the matter of knowledge about tax optimization options available to you. 
Do you want to optimize the costs &  taxes for your company? We invite you to participate in our training which will provide comprehensive knowledge and effective tools to help you pay less taxes without violating the laws. 

In this training you will learn how to do:

Resource planning
Cost estimating
Cost budgeting
Cost control
Tax optimization 
Tax structuring 
Case Study - How Starbucks avoids paying taxes legally.

Do you wonder why Starbucks became so successful, we will tell you why. 

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