Obtaining a 5-year Spanish Residence Permit in 3 months

 1. What are the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Spain?
 ✓Invest in one-time non-refundable bonds in Spain, with limited quota
 each month.

 2. For how many years can I get a residence permit?
 ✓A residence permit is obtained immediately for 5 years.

 3. What documents are required for filing a permit?
 ✓You need a valid passport and a valid Schengen visa to apply. A visa
 can be any other state entering the European Union.

 ✓You must have a valid certificate of your health status translated into Spanish.

 4. How many times do I need to come to Spain? And how long does it
 take to stay in Spain?

 ✓You will need to travel to Spain 2 times before receiving the Spanish TRP.
 1st time to submit documents
 2nd time to get your residence permit.
 In some cases, the authorities require the arrival of one more time.

 5. Do I have to live in Spain after receiving the document? or can i
 live in another EU country?
You do not have to live in Spain after receiving a residence permit.
 You can live in any other country IF IT DOES NOT CONTRADICATE TO THE

 But if you want to get permanent residence in Spain in the future, you
 need to have a residence permit and proof of residence in Spain.

 6. Can they cancel a received residence permit after receiving it, and
 if so, on what basis?

 ✓Yes, your residence permit may be canceled in the following cases.

 If the Spanish Ministry of the Interior takes charge of you on
 suspicion of fraud, money laundering, crime.
 If your first and last name appears on the Europol and Interpol list. etc.

 7. Which country's citizens can get a residence permit in Spain on the
 basis of investment through buying Bonds?

 ✓Citizens of any countries can get a residence permit on these grounds.

 8. What is the timeline for obtaining a residence permit?
Deadlines for receiving up to 3 months

 9. What is the cost of obtaining a residence permit in Spain for 1 person?
 ✓The cost of obtaining a residence permit 50,000 euros

 10. Can children under the age of 18 receive a residence permit under
 the bonds investment program?

 No, children can not get a residence permit as children under the age
 of 18 can not conduct commercial activities.
 A residence permit for children is obtained separately on the basis of
 a residence permit and the commercial activities of their parents.

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