Shelf Company in Poland

Purchase of an existent firm can be the best option for foreign businessmen willing to have a company in Poland, for example, instead of setting up an EU-R. This type of a legal entity has no restrictions for foreign citizens or companies because shelf companies have never conducted any kind of business activity, they do not have a real estate ownership or a long-term lease right for 99 years.

Nowadays, establishing an LLC in Poland is a long process. It takes about thirty days to register a new firm. And the whole process is complex.

Moreover, all the files, for instance, Articles of Association or documents required by the Polish Court Register should be made in the national language. Thus, if a foreigner submits documents, he or she needs to provide their certified translation into Polish. This leads to additional costs and delays with the set-up.

Advantages of a purchasing a ready made company in Poland

Thus, buying shares in a firm registered according to the national legislation is more efficient than starting a brand new company. In such case, you will have to modify the Articles of Association of an existent legal entity at Polish public notary office.

You can change the name, share capital, the scope of activities and other points of Articles of Association. Plus, you don’t have to be present in Poland personally and can always seek an attorney-in-fact who will do all the routine work for you.

There are hardly any risks connected with buying an existent firm in Poland since the company has never done any business and had never hired staff which may cause problems.

A foreign businessman can proceed with business activities in Poland right away. In addition, the company will already possess an account in a bank. This is another advantage since nowadays banks must perform an adequate audit of a legal entity. This gets even more complicated with foreign individuals.

Purchasing a shelf company shares or stock means an easy and fast change in ownership. Usually, it takes one to two days. A company can conduct broad scope of business activities mentioned in Articles of Association. Also, certain banks in Poland would open an account right after the shares are transferred and the necessary documents are submitted to the Court register. So, a businessman gets an active company right after a company purchase.

Shelf company in Poland registration is the ready-made firm with no business activity or with nominal. It is a common company with its name, address, registration documents and other attributes of the ready company. It has already registered in all authorities and can provide active business operations immediately.

If you are speculating about buying of shelf company Poland could be the country where this procedure will be simple and easy-to-realize. We have long-term experience in law services in Poland, and particularly in company formation, which is one of the prioritized activities of Oruga Group. Thus, we can guarantee you 100% company validity and registration accuracy.

Why do people prefer to buy ready-made company instead of self-registration of business in Poland? The main reason is time savings, of course: ready company allows you to start business activity for 3 weeks faster! In fact, within one day.

You may select any company type we sell:

  • Company with no credit and tax history;
  • Firms with some commercial turnover and history;
  • Companies which have property and assets;
  • Ready-made companies and operating business.

Both new and vintage shelf companies can conduct you safe, profitable and successful business. When you send us a request we will give you a portfolio of ready-made firms to select an appropriate company type.

Our sales of shelf companies in any city of Poland

We conduct all registration services, licensing, business projects support, and assist in work permits obtaining for foreign CEO of Polish company.

Preferences of buying the shelf companies in Poland with Oruga Group support:

  • Minimum client presence in Poland – we do all needed registration activity;
  • Our shelf companies ready to start an activity immediately;
  • Absolutely legitimate economic entity;
  • Registration in Statistics Department, Social Insurance Fund, tax authorities (NIP);
  • Ready certificates of registration in VAT, in EU VAT, REGON;
  • Ability to customize your further company (modify the company name, an address, CEO, shareholders, share capital);
  • Consulting on optimization of company taxes;

Purchasing of a shelf company is an ability to start Poland business just today or tomorrow.

Best offers of Polish shelf companies

The ready-made business will cost you from EUR 2000. Price includes many services we provide for you comfortable business formation in central European country:

Paperwork (preparation of required papers);

  • Translation;
  • Consulting;
  • Notary services;
  • Assistance in a bank account set up;
  • Legal support.

Notary re-registration takes around 2-3 hours, and when it ended, your company become a fully legal European firm and can provide all available business activities.

Polish company registration is a first step towards your successful EU business. If you look for best investment project in Europe than the Poland market will be the perfect decision for you. Contact us to find the most successful way to the vast and profitable European market!


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