Residence permit in Poland

Lawyer tells about the nuances of residence permit in Poland.

Before going to Poland, you should know all the differences between different kinds of visas (Schengen visa, national visa).

You need a national visa if you are going to live in Poland more than 90 days. You need a temporal residence if you live in the country from one till three years. It is a document which you can receive with the help of your employer.

The permanent residence permit you can receive when you live and work in Poland for five years. It is impossible to receive both documents without having an employer or general work permits.

If you are applying for the residence permit, you need to prepare many documents connected with your current work. Your employer must get the labor market approval (it takes from 2 to 6 weeks). You should have a CV, diploma (translated on the Polish), work experience.

Pay attention to your employment contract. It is the most important document. If you have a contract only for a year, it means that your residence permit will be for the same term. The best way is to receive the contract for three years.

To get a residence permit in Poland you need to have:

  • documents that prove your regular income (it should be not lower than the subsistence minimum in this country);
  • a real accommodation contract with the certain address (you will receive the letters from the city government on this address);
  • the set of documents connected with your work (contract, etc);
  • sometimes certificates, diplomas;
  • insurance. Many people don’t have insurance, but it’s obligatory. Please, sign an agreement with insurance company beforehand.


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