Permanent Residence in Poland

PR in Poland: how to reside in EU legally

There are several types of residence permits (PR) allowing a foreigner to reside in Poland for a long period legally. For instance, with a temporary residence permit (TRP) you can live and work in the country from three months to three years. Constant stay for five years based on a TRP allows obtaining a permanent residence permit (PRP). Another way to legally reside in Poland is to get an EC-long term residence permit.

All three kinds of permits allow their holders to travel across the EU without visas. And after holding a permanent resident status for three years, you can apply for the Polish citizenship.

Grounds to be granted a Poland PR

To constantly live in the country for more than three months, you must display good reasons and convince the state authorities to grant you a residence card. Here are several examples which will persuade an immigration officer give you a positive answer:

  • you legally work in the country;
  • you plan to register a legal entity in Poland;
  • you will pursue a university degree or conduct an academic research here;
  • you want to reunite with a family member who has a passport of one of the EU states;
  • you are a victim of human trafficking and you live in Poland.

How can I obtain a TRP?

To get a TRP in Poland, you must attend one of the Voivodeship Offices and submit an application form together with supporting documents. Once your papers are accepted, you will get a stamp in your travel document which gives you the right to reside in Poland legally until you get an answer. Usually, it takes one month for the authorities to review the papers and give an answer. However, you may have to wait longer depending on your particular case.
If the answer is negative, you have two weeks to submit an appeal but can still stay in the country till the resolution upon your appeal is made (about one more month).

The fees for getting a PR of Poland

  • When applying for PR, you have to pay the following fees:
  • 340 zlotys (Poland TRP) or 640 zlotys (PRP and EC-long term residence permit) for submitting an application form (you will get the money back in case the answer is negative)
  • 440 zlotys for submitting papers for the work permit and TRP at the same time;
  • 50 zlotys to issue the residence card if the answer is positive.

Note that your residence permit may be annulled if you give false information in your application, submit fake documents or violate the Polish laws.

Getting a Polish PR can be challenging. But this is doable. Providing proper documentation and completing an application form correctly is half of the way to success. Hiring a legal consultant specializing in migration issues may be a good idea if you take the chance to reside in one of the most stable European countries seriously.

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