Practical and cheap property in Poland

Poland is a country of great opportunities. That is why in recent years foreigners buying property in Poland more often. In this country, a lot of affordable housing, where people can live from other countries. According to statistics, the Ukrainians in second place for the purchase of housing in Poland. Only the Germans are ahead of them.

What gives cheap property for sale in Poland

Housing in Poland provides comfortable conditions for work and living in this European country. That is why there is always a huge demand for it. But that's not the only reason. In addition, real estate in Poland has such advantages.

Features of Polish properties:

  • relatively low price compared to other countries in Europe;
  • the price of houses and apartments is growing all the time – thus, having purchased a house, you can invest your money;
  • the Polish government allows people to buy a house on favorable terms in the mortgage-you can take an apartment for payment on more favorable terms than in other countries;
  • according to Polish law – owning an apartment or a house is not a reason to become a citizen of the country, but it will greatly facilitate the process of obtaining a residence permit;
  • in Poland there is a large Ukrainian Diaspora, so having a house here, you can rent it out to those who come to the country to relax, work or local residents.

As you can see, it has a lot of "advantages". Therefore, if you want to buy a house abroad, it is worth considering the option with Poland. After all, on the question: can foreigners buy property in Poland, the answer is clear: Yes, they can. And, of course, to dispose of their housing you will be at its discretion, you will not have any restrictions.

How is the price?

If you want to buy a house in Poland, you should get acquainted with the rules of pricing policy for real estate in the country. The price of housing depends on such moments:

  • the size of the settlement, how many enterprises and companies exist in it;
  • how old is the house and in what condition is it;
  • level of urban income.

The most expensive housing in Krakow and Warsaw. Many tourists come here, so many new houses are built here. But it is worth knowing that in these cities the fluctuation in housing prices is quite large. Therefore, here you can find both expensive and cheap real estate.

What property to buy in Poland?

In Poland, real estate is divided into several categories:

  • primary market (new homes);
  • secondary market (panel houses with lots of floors and old brick houses).

Each category has its advantages and disadvantages. The new houses have apartments with a convenient layout, they are located in places with excellent transport interchange. Buy cheap accommodation in Poland in new buildings can be far from the center. After all, in the Central parts of the city the price is quite high.

Most of the old houses have high ceilings. But such housing may well be neglected, although it is located in the heart of the Polish city.

Most often, the" Golden mean" is panel houses. They are in places with good infrastructure, and also are in excellent condition and comfortable for life. But the price of housing in such houses is much lower, than in new buildings.

How is the selling property in Poland

If you want to buy property in Poland, it is better to use the services of companies that are engaged in the sale of real estate in this country. This will allow you to save time on the implementation of the transaction. Managers of the real estate company will give all the necessary advice, choose the best options for the price and location. They will also help with negotiations. Without exaggeration, we can say that cooperation with a real estate company in Poland – is your key to a successful transaction of purchase and sale.


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