Poland Trade Register: database for everybody

All businesses in Poland must get a record in one of the existing databases – CEIDG or National Court Register. The first database was developed for private entrepreneurs, the second one is for all types of firms incorporated in Poland (LLCs, JSCs, partnerships) and also for non-profit organizations. 

Trade Register in Poland is an electronic database coordinated by the Ministry of Justice. It consists of three main parts. 

  1. Register of entrepreneurs contains information about individuals providing business activities in the country. These are state companies, foreign legal entities and other.
  2. Register of associations was made especially for non-profit institutions.
  3. Register of insolvent debtors is a source of information about firms which are accountable with their assets or insolvent individuals and persons that have no rights to do business.

To get a record about your company in the database, a business proprietor should file an official application form and pay the fee for getting a publication in the Polish Official Gazette. Application forms are available online and also in courts.

Access to the Polish Trade Register

The database is opened for everybody. Any person who wants to get information about a certain organization, firm or entrepreneur may access the Trade Register of Poland for free. 

There is a possibility to download excerpts from the website or from the Central Information upon request. In both cases, excerpts have the same legal power. Copies of official documents may be necessary for legal cases, getting a residence permit, due diligence if you need to check a certain firm.

To get information about an organization, it is enough to know its KRS number or title. Note that all data is provided in Polish. The following information can be obtained:

  1. Name of the organization, its business form, contacts, legal status;
  2. Information about the board of directors and stakeholders;
  3. KRS and REGON numbers;
  4. Share capital;
  5. Activities which the organization performs or cannot perform if this is the case.

The law protects all information which is available in the Trade Register in Poland. Each organization which has a record in the database is responsible for its accuracy and should provide timely amendments if any changes occur. There are different KRS application forms which organizations should submit depending on the information they intend to include in the register. 

Polish legal advisors provide their assistance to all types of legal entities and can help you submit the necessary documents to all registration organizations including the National Court Register. 


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