Poland Real Estate

People who strive to invest in Poland divide into two categories: those who are seeking real estate for sale in Poland and others who are going to make business in this country. But in time entrepreneurs should buy some property too, to provide independent and successful business. The real estate acquisition is legally complicated, so both individual and businessman needs support of legal professionals who know all legal formalities to make an agreement legitimate. 

About Poland real estate market

The property market Poland was growing since its EU membership to 2008 crisis, and continued to develop in couple of years. Majority of experts forecast strong continued growth of Polish real estate market.

And today Warsaw is the center of the fastest real estate market growing. The city is changing constantly and now it’s modern European metropolis with contemporary architecture and skyscrapers, the business center of Poland in the middle of European Union.

High demand on Polish real property caused by:

  1. low lending rates, 

  2. attractive prices,

  3. property market safety,

  4. economy growth,

  5. constant development of infrastructure, technologies and e-commerce,

  6. growth of business and the need for new commercial real estate.

The idea to buy real estate in Poland is an investment into your successful future.

We assist with buying real estate in Poland

We support whole real estate purchasing process. Our professionals help with searching for realty and prices and help our clients to choose an appropriate investment object. Oruga Group has long-term experience in property sell performing. 

The entrepreneurs who aim to acquire commercial real estate have to receive a permit in Poland’s Ministry of Interior, and we provide support with all paperwork that required for this special permit obtaining. We assist future Poland property owners from very beginning to settlement of all the formalities:

  1. We provide legal and notarial consulting, help to open a bank account and manage every stage of real estate purchasing.

  2. We search and analyze the offers of available commercial property to choose the best for you.

  3. We explore the primary and secondary markets of real estate in Poland.

  4. Our lawyers and consultants represent your interests during the selling transaction, settling all the questions and problems.

  5. No need of your personal presence during negotiations.

  6. Independent and throughout audit of further property, check an object for hidden debts and other problems, so you will be sure that your property is totally clear and legal.

  7. Our clients have the Oruga Group’s personal manager support since arriving in Poland to the hand-over of the keys.

We guarantee the legitimacy of agreements and accuracy of all the documents. Hundreds of our clients have bought the real estate in Poland and had become Europe property owners. 

Our support let investors become an EU property owner in the shortest terms!


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