Poland real estate – chance to settle in Poland

The Polish real estate market is very popular among investors. It offers low-interest rates and good prices compared to real property costs in other EU states. In addition, the Polish market looks very attractive because it remains stable for many years and provides many benefits to local and foreign businessmen. 

Investors from other countries may acquire the following types of real property in Poland:

  • Lands (alone or with constructions)
  • Buildings
  • Apartments

How to acquire Polish real estate

To purchase real property, foreigners from the majority of states must obtain a special permission. According to the legislation, a foreigner is:

  1. a non-Poland citizen
  2. a legal entity registered abroad
  3. a partnership of non-citizens which has no legal personality, has established a business in another country or is established under the laws of another country
  4. a legal entity which is registered in Poland but is controlled by individuals or partnerships described above.

The permission is given by the Ministry of Interior if there are no objections from other ministries and if the foreigner proves that he has bonds with Poland.

Note that those foreigners that come from the countries which are a part of the European Economic Zone do not need a permission to obtain real estate in Poland.

To get the permission, individuals should submit an application where they must display their legal status, the asset they are eager to buy and its legal form as well as describe how they will use the new acquisition. The Ministry of Interior has a right to request additional documents for verification. It may also administer special requirements for the foreigner (conditioned permission). The latter one allows making a deal after certain conditions are met.

The permission is effective for two years.

How to choose a real estate object for acquisition

When choosing an object for purchase, you must be well aware of the real estate properties for sale in Poland. In addition, there are certain legal nuances which you should know before making a decision to invest money. The best idea is to hire professionals in the field to get the best deal. Experts in the commercial real estate in Poland can help you with the following:

  • Help you get a permission and other documents necessary to obtain property in the country.
  • Manage the whole process of getting the new property. This includes legal support, opening a bank account and more.
  • Represent your interests through the whole process of making the deal. 
  • Provide research on the Poland real estate for sale and analyze primary and second-hand markets as well as the offers available to select the most suitable variant for you.
  • Conduct an audit of the real estate parcels you want to acquire. Legal experts will check the asset in different registers to guarantee the safety of your deal. This will help you define potential problems with the property, find out whether you can use it as planned and avoid any undesirable consequences. 

Buying commercial real property in Poland is a wonderful investment. This is your chance to obtain a legal status in the country, including citizenship. Take this opportunity to settle down in one of the most stable countries of the European Union. 


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