What is remarkable about the Poland real estate?

If we consider the Polish property in terms of comfort of living and living standards, such an acquisition will be attractive for both ordinary, seasonal holidays and for living on a permanent basis. It will not be a secret for anyone that this country has a well-developed infrastructure, economy, while the European way of life is closely intertwined with the historical traditions of the country.

Poland's accession to the EU provided favorable conditions for living in this country. The Poland real estate market has been constantly developing. It becomes interesting for numerous investors who want to invest a lot of money in the purchase of houses, apartments, commercial premises. This is also marked by the fact that property prices in this country are not so high. For a fairly modest amount you can buy a good Studio apartment or Studio in one of the districts of Warsaw or Krakow.

Real estate for sale in Poland: distinctive features

The real estate market in Poland every year opens up new heights. According to statistics, in 2015, various Polish agencies have been able to sell 62 448 real estate listings. In 2016, this level has reached level 72 300 apartments and houses. In 2017, the agencies were able to sell 86,498 objects. This is primarily due to the fact that Poland is an interesting country not only for investors, but also for ordinary buyers who plan to migrate to this country.

Real estate in Poland, Europe is attracted by the fact that the Polish legislation provides an opportunity for foreign citizens to purchase housing without additional hassle and investments. The procedure for buying a property is very simple, does not require a lot of effort, time energy and additional documents. Not only large international organizations, but also ordinary people who moved to Poland in "search of a better life" have the opportunity to invest in real estate.

What is the benefit of buying real estate in Poland?

There are several reasons for purchasing polish properties:

  • Loyal and courteous attitude to the acquisition of real estate by foreigners.
  • Affordable cost of housing.
  • Well-developed economy.
  • Similar mentality and delicious food.
  • Beneficial and affordable mortgage. Much may be surprised that to issue a loan for the purchase of housing in Poland is much more profitable and easier than in many CIS countries.
  • Having own housing in Poland, it is much easier to get a residence permit in this country.

If we consider the purchase of an apartment in terms of quality and standard of living, the purchased housing will be the ideal option for both seasonal holidays and for permanent residence. Also, it is very profitable to buy real estate in Poland for commercial purposes.


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