Poland Investment Visa

Vast opportunities for doing business and high living standards are making Poland the country where an investor can get visa and start a new life. Poland provides different ways to get visa, and we sure that some of them might let you become Polish citizen.

Thousands of emigrants from the entire world move to Poland every year, and there you may see people from America, Arabian countries, Middle East, and from Eastern Europe the most. And other people aspiring to get the residence permit in Poland often look for CBI (Citizenship by Investment) programs to settle there. Does Poland allow investors to get visa by investment only?

Poland Citizenship by Investment

Poland is located in the center of Europe, and this developed country is an integral part of a new Silk Road. That’s why many European and Eastern countries are interested in Polish economy and workforce resources. For example, South Korea, Japan and Chinese investment in Poland hold the biggest amount of foreign investment from non-European countries.

Notwithstanding the widespread belief, only 4 countries from European Union grant residence permit owing to real estate buying, and Poland not any of them. To obtain a residence permit in Poland, there are several ways:

  • Study in Polish educational institutions, 
  • Official employment, 
  • Entrepreneurship.

Currently, Poland doesn’t grant citizenship after investing in real estate. Nevertheless, the availability of their own housing is a prerequisite for obtaining citizenship and can serve as a basis for obtaining a Poland residency by investment. There are numerous cases when, after apartment purchasing, the process of citizenship registering was accelerated.

Support with a Poland investor visa

We assist in all required actions to obtain a residence permit. But first, we estimate your chances to get permission, and after that compile the appropriate immigration program. For people who are going to work in some Polish firm, we find the suitable variant. Also, we have the special programs for entrepreneurs who want to set up a business or buy a ready firm.
And finally, we help to get investment visa in Poland through investment in real estate purchasing or investment funds.
Contact us to find out appropriate ways for visa obtaining. Don’t miss the chance to become.


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