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Previously, people had asked how to invest in UK or Germany. Now they ask how to invest in Poland.

Nowadays Poland is a modern country for investment. Most investors who used to deal with Germany, France and UK, now aim to invest in Eastern Poland (there the biggest Polish cities are). Old markets explored for a long time ago, and this country from Eastern Europe became a new tidbit for money owners all over the world. The biggest investments flow to Poland from the Netherlands, Germany and Luxemburg.

Poland investment opportunities

Despite communist past, in less than 30 years Poland became the developed contemporary country with prospective markets. Really big money had invested in a battery factory, automotive productions, banking. Polish economy grows 4.5% annually, salary level increases constantly, the unemployment rate had reached its lowest rate in 6.5%, and GDP per capita estimates at 29 250 USD in 2017. All these things are the consequence of Polish government activities in the area of creating a background for profitable investment and attracting money into different sectors of the Polish economy. 

Poland is so attractive to investors because of numerous reasons:

  • Poland’s membership in EU;
  • Stable and growing economy;
  • Political stability;
  • Economy diversification;
  • Low taxes;
  • Quite cheap labour costs but skilled and hard-working people;
  • High quality but competitive price;

Poland has the business-friendly, comfortable and transparent entrepreneurship conditions. In 2018, foreign direct investment in Poland reached EUR 176 billion. Ernst & Young’s European Attractiveness Survey in 2017 assessed Poland as the most attractive Central and Eastern Europe country for foreign investment (and 5th EU country).

Affordable ways to invest in Poland

If you have big spare money, you may invest into industries other foreign investors prefer: manufacturing (especially transport vehicles, machinery, chemicals, pharm), finance sector (banking, insurance), trading (wholesale and retail). All these variants appropriate for people who want to create real business and Polish law conduct wide possibilities for company creation and real business activity.

If you are not skilled in investment, but want to try yourself and invest in real estate, special investment agency may help you to make a right decision. Our team of experienced professionals assists in paper affairs and choosing best object to invest.

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