Poland immigration consultant

Looking for exhaustive information about Poland immigration? Official website of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes not all information that potential immigrants want to know. Thus, people who speculate about immigration to Poland need professional consultants to provide information about immigration procedure.

Take a look at main advantages of immigration to Poland.

Poland immigration laws

Poland is not the country where anybody may easily immigrate. People, who start to find out information about how to immigrate to Poland, soon start to find somebody to help them with this question. And they have a lot of reasons to achieve residence permit in Poland:

  • Developed, stable and ambitious country in the center of Europe,
  • Average salary increases and unemployment rate reduces year by year,
  • Numerous opportunities for business setting up,
  • Transparent conditions and low taxes for doing business.

If you were born to be a businessman and need more reasons and advantageous for Poland immigration – website of Oruga Group may help you find information about different ways of investment and business set up.

There are five ways for legal migration to Poland:

  • Receive Karta Polaka (the easiest way if you have Polish relatives);
  • Get married to Pole;
  • Open a company in Poland and provide a real business there;
  • Enroll at the Polish university;
  • Get a work in Poland.

How to immigrate to Poland

Polish laws allow foreigners to stand in the country if you’re ready for several steps.

  1. Get the visa.
  2. Get the TRP (temporary residence permit).
  3. Get the work permit.
  4. Get the permanent residence permit or Long-term EU residence permit.
  5. Obtain the citizenship.

As you see, Poland is not the simplest country to provide your immigration here, but with the support of the professional consultants your relocation will be conducted fast and easy. Our lawyers will support you and answer all the questions on how to apply for Poland immigration in the individual case.

Poland immigration requirements

To become the Poland citizen, an applicant has to meet the requirements:

  • at least 3 years of uninterrupted exposure in Poland with TRP or permanent permit, stable and regular incomes, and right to rent the living quarters;
  • at least 2 years of uninterrupted exposure in Poland with permanent permission and marriage to Pole or having Polish relatives;
  • knowledge of Polish language.
Poland immigration support

Our consultants estimate you chances in immigration and obtaining of residence permit, and, within that framework, will find an appropriate solution. Poland immigration will be opened for you, just make a few steps and your European dream will come true!


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