European Transport License – new opportunities for your business

European license for international transportation is a special international permit issued by the European Road Transport Inspectorate, which grants the holder the right to carry out transportation throughout all the EU countries.

In terms of new opportunities and prospects, the European transport license is a starting point to implement a number of business ideas. It is relevant for the entrepreneurs involved in various spheres of business. Despite the difference in their specifics and the objectives pursued, whether it is a producing factory or a transshipment base to transport goods, the European transport license unites them in their ambition to conquer new audiences, find new business partners and investors, as well as simply declare themselves as a worthy alternative to local goods in any of the EU countries.

In other words, the European license for international transportation is equal to free transfer across the integrated economic space of the European Union. For commercial business entrepreneurs, this means working with several selling markets, which automatically implies rapid and continuous marketing of goods and services, and consequently a sustainable income. The European transport license is also relevant for those involved in the provision of a wide range of logistic and customs services, i.e. PL-providers who support import and export operations. Since the European transport license is received, passenger transfer for numerous travel agencies with their own vehicle fleet can also become an unhindered and legitimate source of income for you.

Therefore, the license for international cargo / passenger transportation in Europe becomes a means of achieving mobility and independence practically for any kind of business activity. Furniture plants, food retail chains, private construction companies and many other commercial enterprises that need traffic on an on-going basis prefer to obtain the license and transport the required products across the EU independently, since the costs of its issuance are much lower than the intermediary services involved. 

The main requirements to obtain the European cargo transport license are the following:

  1. A foreign citizen who files an application for the issue of the license must be registered as a legal entity on the EU territory (existing legal / actual address is required); 

  2. Only graduates with high profile skills (confirmed by corresponding certificates) should be hired;

  3. Financial reliability of the company must be evidenced by documents (existing bank account with a provided amount of money), paid certificate of insurance;

  4. Positive business reputation of the carrier must be supported by quality service, compliance with the established work-rest schedule, technically sound vehicles, compliance of the vehicle size and weight with a set of acceptable standards, competent staff and lack of any fines or infringements;

  5. The company should not only have transport available but also the conditions for its storage and maintenance, in particular, a parking plan for the vehicles shall be approved by the transport inspectorate before obtaining the license.

In iew of the fact that European regulatory authorities thoroughly check applicants for the transport license, there are cases of refusal to issue this authorization document. The reasons why you may be denied a transport license can be based on the following factors:

  • Untrustworthy information about the legal entity;
  • Lack of staff with an appropriate level of relevant qualification;
  • Transport license was revoked from the legal entity during last 12 months;
  • Unstable financial situation of the company.

Obtaining the European license for international cargo transportation – what to begin with?

Before proceeding to the immediate preparation of all documents, you should decide what type of permit is required in your case. With our help, you will be able to specify for yourself a list of measures to legalize your business, calculate time and money expenditures and get professional assistance in dealing with all the issues related to business opening in the EU. It  can take up to 1 month to obtain the European transport license, so all preliminary preparations should take into account the specific character of your work, so that you would not have to waste your time on further changes. With the participation of our experts, you will get a complete package of documents in your hand, that have provided for all the details of your activities.

For more detailed advice on licensing issues, please contact our representatives. You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions: how to get the European license for regular passenger transportation, how to transport oversized cargo, what kind of documents are required for transit traffic, etc.


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