Buying real estate in Poland with Oruga Group is a guarantee of safety and reliability.

Catalogue of immovable property in Poland of the company Oruga Group has a huge number of different residential and commercial property, each of which has been verified by us in terms of all legal and cadastral criteria, thus it has been fully prepared for contract of sale.

It is quite often in our practice that people ask for our help, having eyes for certain real estate objects, which were found by them on their own. 

It’s quite natural that this kind of property inspires little confidence and requires careful evaluation of experts, which we, as a company with years of experience, could conduct. 

 Afterwards, we provide the client with an objective opinion with all the pros and cons of the selected object. 

Upon your request, we are ready to conduct full verification of commercial or residential property in such cities as Warsaw and Krakow.

Who pays the commission? 

Some real estate agents in Poland do not receive remuneration from the buyer, and they position themselves as companies that do not take any remuneration from the buyer. Few people know that there is the following pattern of behavior hiding behind this interesting approach: beyond any doubt, they take a commission from the seller. In fact, why would an agency work for nothing?

It turns out that for the property worth of 100.000 euro agency, you can add at least 5% of the total cost of object. 

In this case, the agency protects interests of the party who pays the сommission, and no matter how hard you try to get agreed with the estate agency, the price will not be less than a favorable amount for the agency. Otherwise, the agency will not receive their fees from the landlord, and even if the owner might be happy to reduce the apartment price for you, but he signed a contract with the agency and entering a dialogue on reducing the cost of the apartment is almost impossible.

Property in Poland

Besides, there are many companies which have no proposals on sale or rent of commercial and residential real estate on their sites. 

Commercial property in Poland is definitely often sold through so-called "closed portfolio", but selling residential real estate in such a way is extremely rare, and it should be posted on the website. In case, when the offers are not posted on the agency's website, you risk getting in touch not with an agency, but only a mediator, who will contact with a real agent after signing the contract, and as a result you will have to overpay.

Negotiations about the final price of apartment 

This part of the purchase procedure of real estate is probably one of the most important elements. In 90% of all transactions, the amount of compensation for an experienced real estate agency is less than the amount which can be obtained by bargaining with the owner’s agent (when you buy an apartment on the secondary housing market).

Involving us to participate in the transaction, you will have an opportunity to enjoy all the privileges that are available to our company through affiliate programs, as well as long-term and confidential relationships with property developers.

The cost of service and the procedure of implementation

Typically, the cost of service is 3% + VAT (23%) of the property value.

This price includes:

  •  Verification of legal compliance
  •  Consultation on the subject of all of the advantages and disadvantages of real estate,
  •  Reliable information about the surrounding infrastructure and local facilities, namely: available parking, playground; garage, elevator, emerging construction and repair works in close proximity to the property,
  •  Providing a complete set of documents for a notary to effect the transfer of the property,
  •  Preparation and management of the entire transaction, including preparation of powers of attorney, negotiating the contract of sale, ordering interpreter’s services, preparation of documents for clearing credit debt (mortgage loans). 

In spite of the stereotype that involving a mediator is often unjustified fraught with loss, you will save your money and will not exceed your budget with the help of our company.

Moreover, when you buy property in Poland, you gain confidence and guarantee of a reliable purchase at the same time. 

If you want to know more about our services or get an individual consultation from our experts, we will be happy to answer to your phone call or an online-request.



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