Residence permit in Poland

Advantages of the residence permit status in Poland

Like in case of immigration to Poland, and in any other case of travelling abroad, and especially for a long period of time, it is important to properly organize the process of your legalization in a new country. If you prepare the fertile ground for your development by the time of your arrival, you will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits and opportunities of the European life, open new perspectives and successfully fulfill your potential.

Registration of the residence permit status enables foreigners to feel as comfortable in Poland, as in their native countries, namely:

  • to visit Poland in the visa-free regime, an unlimited number of times during the residence permit validity;

  • to move freely across the EU countries;

  • to apply for a visa to Canada and the United States according to a simplified form;

  • to go to secondary and higher education institutions in Poland free of charge;

  • to enjoy the benefits of medical care and all kinds of social services;

  • to buy and sell vehicles;

  • to buy and sell real estate;

  • an opportunity of legal employment or starting your own business.

The document of the residence permit status can be renewed every year if required; it is possible to obtain the permanent status after 5 years and become a full-fledged resident of the EU.

Programs to obtain the residence permit in Poland

 Although cases of refusal to grant the residence permit status in Poland are extremely rare, you should be well-prepared for this process, both in terms of documents and in terms of your ideas about the future life. You should clearly make up your mind about what you will do in the country and explain the reasons for your departure to Poland, prove your financial solvency to the Polish government, as well as your ability to provide for yourself without claiming any social benefits or state aid. Qualified specialists, capable students, investors and businessmen, cultural figures and many other categories of people are very welcomed by the Polish government and their contribution to the development of the country is always adequately encouraged.

You can submit an application for the award of the residence permit status in the following cases:

  • You want to be officially employed in Poland;

  • You want to continue your studies at higher educational institutions of Poland, or you are a member of an international educational program;

  • You want to reunite with your family living in Poland;

  • You are going to get married to a citizen of Poland;

  • You carry out the research and development activities and plan to continue it in Poland;

  • You have achievements in the creative and cultural field and intend to continue your work in the Republic of Poland;

  • You belong to one of the existing religious communities in Poland and plan to carry out your activities in the local Polish religious institutions.

Given the fact that there is a lot of stereotypes among the immigrants about how to obtain a residence permit, referring to the expert opinion in this sector (one of the leading immigration centers Oruga Group), you should get cleared the most large-scale of them - misguiding thinking that the purchase of ordinary private real estate enables a foreigner to obtain the residence permit according to a simplified form. As experts say, the very fact of the purchase does not play any role at all.

However in case you have a registered legal entity in Poland and buy a property for the specific needs of your business, you can count on bonuses from the Government of Poland. In this case, your purchase can be viewed in a very different context, because you are working for the benefit of the Polish economy and contribute to its development, which is undoubtedly welcomed and encouraged. You can find out directly about business immigration opportunities in Poland, investment and other popular immigration issues relating to the EU and Poland on the website of Oruga Group.

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